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Linda's61 fanfiction

Here you can find all Linda61's fanfcition. There is only one so far because she has just taken her first plunge into this fun activity of writing. Hope to have much more later.

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TITLE:The legend of The Black Crow Inn

AUTHOR: Linda61



FEEDBACK: Yes please but its my first fic and I am Dutch so be gentle.

DISCLAIMER:  The lovely CC owns and made them Cool. DD annd GA made them rock. Dont sue, not a lot of point. I can give you all the manure you want though. The joy of ponies. Hahahahha. (evil snigger) J


SUMMARY:This story is based on a real legend. The inn in this story is near my mother's house and I pass it every day. .To make it easier I changed the name of the Inn, because the real name is in Dutch dialect.