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The went in search of a legend
....and found their supreme Truth............

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Title : Brocéliande
Author : Maggy
E-Mail :
Date : December 2002
Warning : PG
Category :  MSR, AU
Spoiler : Detour
Time's line : Season 7 before S8 and S9.

Summary : A vacation in France, in a area called « Brocéliande », a forest of legends and mysteries.

Disclaimer : I know CC, they are yours... You made them . But please let me to use them for another story.
Note :  This story was in French before and thanks to my great beta, Lisa, "Brocéliande" has another life. She has done a wonderful work with my very bad translation and I admire her rewriting so much. You're a talented woman And there is Kayla, who tried to understand me and I tried to understand her ;o)) hey you know Kayla : you're French mail are close to be perfect. Thanks for you
help. You rocks girls!! this story is yours too.
By Maggy

Child, I believed Merlin was living in Brocéliande and  he had supernatural stories to tell me about the mysteries of this forest, where  fairies, knights  search for magical objects, strange appearances, walls of fire, invisible
castles, and all things of that nature are concerned. The most authentic history is nothing without the supernatural. It's decided, I am going to lead her on
the paths followed by Arthur, the mythical king, Merlin, the magi in love, and Viviane, sweet and fearsome fairy of the Lake ...just time to find my phone...ok, It's here!

Scully, prepare to dive into a universe where dream worlds and reality meet and intermingle...


"Scully, it's me."

"Mulder, is something wrong?"

"No, Everything is fine. I called you to ask what you were doing and ...If have something to do for the next days...."

"Mulder, I only left you an hour an ago; you couldn't ask me at the office? It's my vacation! I knew it was too good to be true. For once Mulder, I'm asking ...pretty please, let me enjoy it!"

"Listen Scully, I don't know if you are aware, but it is Halloween....and..."

"Oh no ! Take pity on me Mulder, not a ghostly apparition or flying pumpkin, please!"

"Hah,Hah, very funny."

"Seriously Mulder, tell me what's on your mind.  What is this wild new goose chase you want to lead me on?"

"In fact, I just wanted ...umh...I wanted... apparently, you've got better plans. Have a great vacation ,Scully."

"Oh no ,You don't escape that easy! Bullshit Mulder! What are you up to?"

" Well.....I've reserved two plane tickets to go to Europe."

" Europe? And where exactly in Europe?"


"Try again. It doesn't help me...specify G-man."

"It's a region in Northern France. I just wanted your company for a few days, you know a vacation...?"

"Who Are you and what have you done with my Mulder ?"

"Stop Scully, it is me !...oh, oh, wait a minute : "my Mulder"!?wowoooo!!!"

"It's your turn to stop."

"Ok!...I thought a small break would be good for both of us and a vacation somewhere different would make you happy, but I may have been wrong!"

"No, no, Mulder, in fact, I'm really touched. It's just that I'm not accustomed to this sort of proposal coming from you."

"Does it mean that someone else made you a proposition?"

" You know that's not what I meant!"

"I know. Well then?"

"So when are you picking me up?"

"WHAOUUU ! Really, you're coming?"

"Only if you promise me that you're not hiding anything..."

"Scully! You wound me, I'm a gentleman!"

"I was speaking about this vacation hiding an X-File!"

There was a pregnant pause.

"You'll have to be ready at 7h00."

"OK, see you tomorrow morning."

"See you tomorrow and don't forget your..."

Too late...Scully had already thumbed the off button leaving Mulder to speak to himself........."Umbrella ...I hear it rains a lot over there..." he grinned idiotically to himself. She was coming with him.

Some hours and several thousand  Kilometres later, Mulder and Scully were standing in the middle of  the most beautiful and mysterious Breton forest, more precisely in the Low part of Brocéliande, where short rich grass blankets the reddish brown earth and the brook waters meander through the woods, shaded by blue pines.

"I don't believe it Mulder, I DO NOT BELIEVE IT!"

" What?"

"We're lost in the middle of nowhere..... again!"

"Firstly we're not lost and secondly, it's a very special forest!"

" Nothing would surprise me, what are we talking about here, Mulder, human butterflies again or is this the home of a great hairy French Big Foot?"

"Scully, stop giving yourself a headache and just enjoy the magical beauty of this place. Brocéliande was an important stage on the path of the eternal quest of
the Grail ; it's the refuge of fairies, the landscape of Knight's of the Round Table's exploits and loves of noble ladies of the crusades. Look, Scully over there. Check out that gorgeous secluded clearing with the pond! Come on, The perfect place for rest and relaxation."

"Wow! It's magnificent! Mulder, What are those stones? MULDER no. You mean that we're going to camp here?"
"Yep! It's too late to find a Bed and breakfast now. The stones are megalithic, stones of legends, like Stonehenge in a way, they are reputed to serve as natural receptacles for souls of heroes of this forest, steeped in magic and
 harness cosmic power. Come on, help me set up camp."

"Oh not again! I know how your nice little trips to the forest end up."

"Don't worry, I came prepared! Got my tent in my knapsack, I have even got a box of matches, see?" He shook the little box at her with a big grin. "Come on
Scully, it's not the end of the world; look around you. We're in this fabulous forest location, it's rather sweet, and you know what? You're especially lucky to be
accompanied by the best Indian guide going."

"Huh. I hear you Mulder, that's famous last words, but if my memories serves me, each time we're been in this sort of environment, it's not always been an experience brimming with pleasure."

"Perhaps not for you, but me I remember a wonderful night below a beautiful starry sky...though, talk of sleeping bags......I remember this song too....."...

"Mulder, shut up! As I recall, it's you that requested that I sang to you."

"I know and you did warn me! For my survival and sanity, I promise never to ask again."

"Hey, Don't exaggerate! I wasn't that bad for your health."

"Calm down Scully. We can't go back to civilisation this late in the day. The car is three hours walk back that way and the night is drawing in. We would lose the light before we got back.

She turned her back on him with a huff. Mulder approached her gently, touching her cheek with his warm hand in a gesture to get her to look at him, but she
shrugged him away and turned back just as quickly.

"Please...stay. I'm sorry." His hand gently grazed her arm all the way down until he took hold of her hand. Then suddenly, he sank to his knees, his voice pleading with deliberate exaggeration. " Please fair maiden, Take pity on a poor knave. I am at you feet and your mercy, and swear to you I will not displease you again."

Scully chuffed out a humourless laugh and stared down at him incredulously while his chin lifted up to meet her face, Their eyes met. It was difficult to fight the laughter that threatened to burst out of her as she took in his doe
eyed, remorsefully contrite expression.

"Mulder, you are such an idiot!"

 She just couldn't help herself, she gave him a light shove and he toppled over from his kneeling position and fell in the bushes. Mulder was startled by Scully's raucous laughter that surrounded him as he found himself sprawling in the undergrowth. She knelt down beside him and offered her hand, her still vibrant laughter punctuated by breathless apologies. When she finally calmed down, she realized Mulder was looking at her with a leering smile and his eyes held a mixture of mischievousness and contentment.

"Does this mean that my favourite partner is going to help me up so we can pitch the tent?"

The Tent? Oh that's right, you brought a tent in your giant bag? Therefore you knew what that we'd be camping out!"

" Mmmm! Yep! Surprise! I have a tent, and a Sleeping bag."

"And me, Where am I sleeping? OUTSIDE?"

"No, inside the tent with me...You know, I've already spoke to you about those sleeping bags, and crawling inside naked with someone who was already naked.
To preserve shared bodily warmth of course and...."

"Oh no! My God! I don't know whether to vomit or die! You're kidding, Mulder...It's a joke, right! Please tell me there is an nearby inn with a warm bed. Give me a phone so I can make a reservation."

" Well my bed will be very warm..." He leered suggestively, eyes dancing.

"Mmmm, go on."

"Except if you don't want to sleep in My tent. It should be warm enough. According to what I have heard, nights are humid in Brittany."

" Yeah right, I'm sure. Mulder, I'm dyiiiinnnnggg here. Forest, camping and Dana Scully don't mix!"

"Aw, Come on, Scully. Where's that famous Scully fortitude! Get over here and  help me set up camp."

" Just great, G-Man, why do I get the impression you will have me hunting wild boar next?"

"It's a good idea! Woman! Draw forth your bow and arrows, and leave in search of a hardy specimen to feed my belly."  Scully sighed.

"You are incorrigible Mulder!"

A hour later, our two agents finally set up their camp near one of the numerous  legendary sites of the forest, Brocéliande : the castle of Comper, by the edge of the great pond. The fading sun receded from the forest, the last slivers of light not even penetrating the thick foliage of the trees. Only the light of the fire bathed Mulder and Scully as they finished eating their meal and their eyes
struggled against the intruding darkness.

"Humm! That was good! Well, Scully, how do you like our cosy little camp?"

"Not so bad, actually. Listen Mulder, I just wanted to say I'm sorry for my attitude earlier, would you forgive me?"

"No, it's my fault, Scully, I should have told you I intended us to camp out. You don't need to.."

"No, no. I do, I over reacted is all. All of this," She waved her hands at the surrounding area, "Everything you've done...It's so nice of you to share it with me. Really."

"I believe that this was well-earned, by both of us. We needed a break, a vacation far from everything and everyone, far from the FBI and the X-Files. Do us
both good.."...

"I hope..."

"This forest is very special Scully; It's the cradle of the historical and the extraordinary as well as tragic. Look at the colour of that sunset behind you; the red and bronze glow cast over the forest almost makes this landscape
look bewitched; People say that Merlin created this pond to make the castle invisible to human eyes.  The castle of crystal built for the fairy Viviane, also known as
'Lady of the lake'. Despite his gift to her, she couldn't have been very grateful, you know, because later she imprisoned Merlin there.

"And why was that?"

"Merlin had followed Arthur in his quest by helping him with his magical science. But one day he crossed the path of a beautiful young woman. He came to a forest clearing and heard her singing this sweet song as she sat by the edge of a fountain; instantly, he fell passionately in love with Viviane. And, to keep this love forever, she bewitched Merlin and imprisoned him in this invisible
castle forever, you see this huge oak, over there, it marks where he first saw the Lady of the Lake, and her domain in the underworld."

"Yes, I noticed that it has a very strange trunk, it seems to be spread out against the flank of the if it had had become part of it."

"Yes and, it's the strange union of the tree and the stone that are linked, signifies the entwining of Merlin and Viviane in eternal love."

It's a beautiful legend, Mulder, but how do you know this story? Have you researched this or been here before?"

"No, My first time here, but I have read books about this subject when I was young and an Oxford undergrad, I adored this period of history. The mysteriousness of it."

"Mulder, I think that you confuse History with legends."

"Legends have their roots based in historical events, Scully I don't confuse them...I want to believe."

"I'm sceptical about this Mulder."

" Same as usual there, but I would love you discover that time is different here, that this area doesn't follow the rules of logic, that there are other worlds here where can go in search of fairies, Merlin, the Holy Grail, But in
order to understand and experience the true magic of this region, you have to change your outlook. Only those who keep an open mind can hope to discern the invisible.Only then can you feel it its power."

"Hmmm...mmmm...Interesting theory and well pitched, as usual."

"Thank you."

"But you'll never be able to make me believe in fairies."

"And there she is, Dana Scully is laughing out loud. At least if nothing else, even if you do poke holes in my theories, I made you laugh this evening."

"Excuse me Mulder, I don't mean to laugh, but that look on your face is irresistible!"

"What? Did I hear you right? The Special Agent Dana Scully said I was IRRESISTIBLE! WOW!  Now I know anything is possible!"

"Stop Mulder right now! I just wanted to say that... you know what I mean.."

"I know, I love it when you laugh and you're relaxed."

"You're right, I feel good."

"Me too. It's the forest of wonders and enchantments wielding its feel good magic."

At that, Scully smiled lightly and Mulder couldn't pull his eyes away from her face. He wondered if it was all a dream: everything seemed so unreal. He was here far from the pressures and worries of their lives back in Washington, in the middle of a forest mysterious and romantic... The night had completely fallen now; the fire continued to make the shadows dance over their faces.
'She is so beautiful...'

"What did you say Mulder?


" You were saying something I didn't quite get."

"Oh, ummhh Nothing, nothing important. I've just said that it's getting cold out here and that perhaps you'd might want to turn in for the night and get some sleep."

"Good idea! My ass was beginning to freeze. " (Why did I say that? You're treading on dangerous ground here, Dana).

" You go ahead of me. I'm going to put some more logs on that fire." (She is either mad to say that or she's done it deliberately?) And don't worry, I'm going to stay outside tonight and keep watch. I let you take........."

"What? You're crazy! You're going to freeze out here, why do that when you know there is room for two in this tent?"

"I thought you preferred to sleep alone."

"Mulder, stop being an imbecile! Otherwise you're really are going to sleep below those beautiful stars!"

"OK. Suit yourself, Scully,  Is your ass still  freezing?" (Oopss! That just slipped out; maybe I shouldn't have said that?)

"MULDER!!" (I knew he'd be my undoing!)"If you carry on with me like that, you're going to get more that you bargained for!"

" I'm counting on it.." (Dana, you'd better change the subject immediately)

"Uumm, Mulder, I'm ready now, Come to bed. We've had a long day."(Ok, Mulder, be a Gentleman...) " Come on inside. Hurry up Mulder and close the tent, I don't want
to sleep with creepy-crawlies throughout the night!"

"Creepy-crawlies, Scully? Don't you mean Goblins, Corrigan, Elves, fairies, all these scary little creatures of the forest might congregate around our tent in a
magical frenzy of bacchanalian splendour, have a party and....."

"You've seen 'Lord of the rings' too many times. Shut up Mulder! I want to get some sleep now!"

"Ok, sorry, But could you just give me the lamp please. I can't find my tee-shirt...thanks."

(Don't dare look, Dana, don't look ...oh fuck! Mulder, don't put it on....Yes, put it on.....No.....You're so gorgeous! That Chest! Close your eyes Dana turn you on
back, that's better...oh my god! He's so close to me...I feel his body heat, oh hell. )

"Hmmm, rather comfortable this sleeping bag! No?"


"You're not too cold are you, Scully?"

", Good night Mulder."

"Good night Scully...and thank for coming on vacation and sharing it with me."

"Thank you for suggesting it."

" Sweet dreams, Scully."

"You too, Hey, It's the forest of wonders and enchantment."

"That, I'm certain of." Mulder whispered huskily in her ear as his arms encircled her waist. He felt her stiffening, slightly surprised by the intimate gesture, then relaxing when he took hold of her hand in his. Both squeezed
into the limitations of the sleeping bag each confined in the tight quarters, their joint body heat lulled them to sleep, snuggled up against each other.

The night was almost over, the first light of dawn creeping through the leaves  and Scully emerged gently from her sleep. She felt particularly good lying in the warmth of her partners arms. Surprised and feeling slightly constricted by the close confines of the bag and the situation, she tried to wriggle away from him but Mulder tightened his embrace all the more, making little noises of contentment in his slumber.. She lifted her face from his sweaty chest to discover Mulder awake and looking truly angelic, bottom lip inviting,grinning
lazily, eyelids heavy with half sleep.

"Hello my small fairy! Are you comfortable on your new warm, fleshy pillow?"

"Morning Mulder...excuse me, I must have moved onto you during my sleep and.."

"...And you don't have anything to be sorry for! I found that very pleasurable be able to have you lying so close to me. I haven't slept that well since, since truly too long ! Listen, stay here, I'm going to fix breakfast."

"Wait, I'll help you."

"No, enjoy the lie in for a few minutes yet because we have hours of walking ahead of us today!"

"Ok, thank you. Hey, Mulder, I haven't slept that marvellously well in ages either."

Mulder was rather pleasantly surprised by this confession and gave her a huge toothy smile in reply. Scully had got changed when he ducked back into the tent with hot coffee and croissants.

"Madamoselle is served."

"Hmmm, Mulder! Whoaaaaaaa, This is better than hotel service! Un petit déjeuner à la française! "

 "Yes! Hey? You speak French too? How many languages did you learn in school?"

 " Just One. In fact, my roommate in medical school  was French."


 "And I believe we will have to take vacations a bit more often.I really like this,.. here with you."

"It's what I thought too. You're ready?"

 "Yes, but why do we have to leave so early? It's still a little dark yet and won't see where we are going that well."

"Don't worry, I've got our famous trusty lamp and there are places here that need to be discovered at dawn's light in order to get the full effect of their beauty. "

"So, what are these places where you're going to show me?"

"You'll see!"

With that, Mulder and Scully began to walk through the mysteries of the Brocéliande forest attempting to trace the mystical footsteps of Merlin, the enchanter.

"Ok Scully, looks like we are going to have to climb over some rough terrain. Looks like it's going to be necessary to scale this rocky moor. You want to take a break?"

"No, it's okay. Let's keep going for now."

"That's my Scully!"

"And what's waiting for us beyond this hill?"

"Le val sans retour, "The Valley without return", Scully."

" Just great. The Valley without return? Yes, well, I hope we're going to be able to find our way back and return."

"Sorry, Scully, but as far as I know, no one ever returned from " Le val sans retour" "

"Whoah, Why are you saying that? Mulder?"

"Rocks and hills intersect to form as a sort of labyrinth. The slopes are arduous, the forest and bushes form obstacles that no one can cross without difficulties, hence the name. Come on! Just a bit further and, yes, we are!  Take my hand...yeah, right. Check out this wonderful view!"

"Whoua, it's..."

'Le miroir aux fees,' 'the Mirror to fairies', a pond from where strange visions arise, luminous rays that are said to be perhaps the reflection of Excalibur. The dawn is fantastic here; Listen this silence... look, the haze lifts slowly to the sky and highlights the surface of pond with its sheltered banks, the outcropping of rocks, centennial yews that fringe it and the jumble of greenery that renders the mysterious valley for as far as the eye can see. Look at the colour of the earth here. It's red as if rocks were bleeding .....under the winds violence and the claws of the tree roots. This red soil is dark like the blood of these knights slain long ago on this sacred earth. From here,
we can see all the forest with its secluded clearings, its moors where the blooming bracken of gold and mauve heathers spread like a natural carpet."

"It's so beautiful. It's hard to know even if the landscape is real or fantasy. It feels mystical. You can taste it. And with the sun coming up..Oh Mulder..."

" Life re-emerges and is renewed with the seasons, the waters of the pond, reeds, heathers vibrating their almost living colours. It's the aspect of the landscape itself that is steeped in legend dating back to a more truly romantic
magical era, alive with the spirits of that past, like a trace memory, gifting this once savage place with an aura of solitude and mysteries.

"There's something strange thing over there, in that Direction; it's bright."

"Oh, yes, it's "l'arbre d'or", the Tree of Gold. It symbolizes the perpetual mythical hero's rebirth."

"It's looks supernatural from what I can see."

"The trees and water merge under the Breton sky and paints the universe with enchantment. It's magical."

Feeling a shiver go through his partner's body, Mulder stood behind her and warped his arms around her.

"You're feeling better like that?"

"Thank you, I'm just a little cold."

"Local people from around here say that Morgane, fairy of the shade, respected but feared, betrayed by her lover, decided to take terrible revenge on the treachery and unreliability of men by casting a spell over this valley."

"So what happened?"

"Men who committed an infidelity towards their lady were held captive here forever. Most of the Arthur's knights  fell into this trap and many lived a lazy life feasting and dancing, prisoners of their fantasies and nostalgia. So you see, if we stand by the edge of the pond and touch its surface, we might hope to see Morgane with her companions of Avalon."

Scully smiled leaning back into his chest, then taking his hand.

"Come on, I want to see this, Mulder!"

"Ok, let's go."  Scully clutched his hand to attract him with her to the 'Miroir au fées'.

"So Mulder, do you see something?"

Yes, I think I do. I can see a fairy. She's a rare beauty, almost supernatural, magical, adorned seductively to which no mere mortal could resist."

On the tranquil water's surface, He could see Scully's amused face fixed on his own strangely serious expression, deeply concentrating on the reflections of
this natural mirror. Two gently rippling faces looked back at them. Their own. Scully's reflection smiled.

"Mulder, there is anything in this pond; it's only our reflections."

Scully understood suddenly while he continued to speak beside her, lifting his head to meet her eyes suddenly really looking at her, face to face:

"The Siren or fairy is beautiful, lovable, desirable. They often say that fairies are wonderful lovers who feel a great passion for mortals, similarly men can't escape the hypnotic intensity of pure passion that they awake in them.

"And they say too that there is a real mutual and irresistible attraction, but their love is often miserable because they belong to different worlds."

"How do you know that?"  Mulder's eyes locked onto hers, the chameleon colours shifting in the sunlight, making him more beautiful to her than she'd ever
noticed, right then.

"I like to read too!"

"Yes but this particular subject! You'll never cease to amaze me dear partner!"

 "You've got a lot things to discover about me yet, Mulder. And, I also know that the eventual union of these two beings is forged from the price of a long and difficult quest, sown of adversity, struggles and many frightening
dangers, "

"Which they face and defeat with fortitude, endurance and courage to emerge as victors. Listen, Scully don't you hear anything? If you listen carefully, you can almost grasp the cries of knights terrified by monsters that prevent them escaping this earthen underworld prison.

"Mulder, all I hear, is a crow cawing off in the distance and a farfadet that's lost his mind."

"A farfadet, but where..?"

"Mulder, you are such a kid!"

"Come on Scully, you're on vacation. Enjoy. For once suspend logic and scientific belief and let yourself be bewitched by this delightful place, by these meadows and plains that are the soul of Brocéliande. Hey! Look at this
rock that dominates the valley, its "Le rocher des faux amants", 'The rock of the false lovers'. It testifies to the displeasure of Morgane that turned an adulterous knight and his mistress to stone."

"Not truly lovable and desirable this fairy."

"No, not really."

They continued their journey around through the forest thinking of words that they had exchanged.

Mulder, this place, the 'valley without return', it's nothing other than a prison for weak and unfaithful men, it is not?"

As the legend goes, effectively yes, it also symbolizes the revelation of truth, sincerity, embodiment of the heart and conscience. Only Lancelot, haunted by the unique love he had for the queen, Genevieve, entered the valley without being effected by the spell. So he managed to rescue his comrades and rejoin his beloved Queen, where we're standing right now."

"And what's the name of this place?"

"Le pont secret sur l'Aff",  "The Bridge of secrets on the Aff."

" Well,I think It's rather nice, Mulder, it's not that I find this stroll uninteresting, on the contrary, but I am AFFA-MÉE!"

"Ok, it's an ideal place to share a small sandwich and some wine. I brought a picnic."

"Great I'm starved!"

"Whoah, Calm down partner! Then, let's see what's in my bag."

Silent now, both of them were sitting, leaning against some trees; Having eaten they felt full and satisfied, enjoying the tranquil beauty of nature, brought alive by the rippling waters, the chant of the Aff that flowed gently.



" Are you Sleeping?"

"No. Just resting my eyes."

"Why the 'secret bridge'?"

"Ahhhh! Curiosity got the better of you finally?"

"Ah, my Indian guide has thought out his plans and activities well, I suppose that he has anticipated us coming here and experiencing this reawakening legend,
oh excuse me! I mean, the history linked to this place ingrained with memory of epic mythical proportions."

Scully stood up and strolled towards the bridge while her partner, surprised by her change of mood followed her and the direction of her eyes.

"Is there something you want to tell me? What's going on?"

"Nothing, I'm fine."

"Yes, you're fine, sure. That's just it. Since we left the valley, you've become strangely quiet, and distant with me. I get the impression that you are angry with me. I thought this trip here would make you happy, perhaps I was wrong, Scully."

"It's not that Mulder, it's just that I.."

He decided to join her on the small bridge.

"What is it? Listen; don't turn your back on me, please?"

"Why are we here?"

"It's a pretty nice place to picnic."

"No, I mean here, in this forest! Why did you bring me here and talk about all this history, these myths and legends. Where do we fit into this?"

"Do I need another reason other than to take a little vacation with my partner?"

"I don't know; you, tell me."

"I want just to share all this with you, this place, the history, the beauty with you, the sense of peace that the countryside here exudes. A little peace away from the hustle and bustle. We ought to forget work and stress of life for a while. If it makes you feel bad, we can go home and write it off as a mistake."

"No, no Mulder. But I just need to understand."

"I thought you already understood and that's why we're having this conversation. Legends reflect the reality of innermost thoughts and emotions. Scully, I gave you the choice to see if there any sense to this regarding us or not."

The tension between the two agents was palpable; For Mulder, those seconds seemed to last an eternity while everything around them stopped, all but the deafening cadence of his heart, that he didn't think had ever beaten so rapidly?

"Mulder, tell me about the history of this bridge."

"As I said before, it's here that Queen Guenièvre, and Lancelot, her knight, confessed their love; they loved each other for a long time but without ever daring to confess it. They needed the intervention of two of their
respective friends to organize a discreet encounter so that Lancelot and Guenièvre could finally confess their secret desires and their first kiss at last."

"So hence the name of the bridge."

"Exactly. Lancelot was rejected by the vision of the Grail. He couldn't see it because his Grail, well that was Guenièvre."

"Mulder.."  His arms slipped tentatively around her waist and she leaned back into the warmth of his chest.

"Shuuushhhh, close your eyes and imagine an intimate communion with nature. On this secret bridge, the waters flowing, murmuring strange songs of love. Listen

Mulder took her small hand in his and pressed against his chest, just over his heart.

"Do you hear the music of my internal soul, the feelings that engulf the deepest parts of me, that burns so fiercely but doesn't ever heal." he pressed her hand into his heart.  "...It's right here. The blaze you lit that never dies down.
That flame inside me burns stronger a little more with each day that passes. Sometimes, you seem to be like this forest shrouded in mystery and secrets, a place where I fear to lose myself...But it attracts me completely like a
moth to flame because...I ...I love you Scully."

Scully slightly grazed her fingers across Mulder's cheek, his head now bowed, his eyes changed a glance at hers and came to settle on their blueness to discover there a flash of ineffable tenderness and intense love that mirror
what he felt in his heart, revealing the end of his quest.

"You are my truth Scully." He drew her closer. His heart racing with happiness.

"And you are my Grail. Always. Mulder, you are sure this bridge isn't called "The bridge of kisses..?"

"In fact, I think that I've been deceived and it could be just that, or if that's not the case, we can change that."

"Me too."

"What, Scully?"

"I love you. Mulder. Think I always did." The heat and air charged around them like a lightening rod. Like the essence of centries old legends had come down to embrace them.

Their mouths closed the final gap and claimed each other's lips with a sigh as they held each their bodies close on" bridge of the secrets" as with the legend
of Sir Lancelot and Guenièvre, Mulder and Scully exchanged their first kiss.

End ( or perhaps not....)


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Bottom artwork by Truth