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 The biggest news I have is that Myself , My Partner keith and 16 year old son Aaron went up to London to see the wonderful "What the night is for" Starring Gillian Anderson. She was wonderful and so was the play. We loved it and definately want to go up and see it Again.  Its her west end debut and I highly reccomend. Bugger these critiques who havent been so kind to the play. Its very funny and well worth seeing. They dont know what they are on about. Go see it!!  Here's hoping David will come over and do some kind of play or other event.
We even got some stuff signed and met with Gillian Afterwards. She thanked everyone for coming to see her . She was really lovely to everyone and was chatty, very gracious and giving of her time even though its cold in London , she took the time to have a breif chat. She looked terrific. She made my son's whole year. He has some very jealous school friends right now. Heheh  Thanks Gillian youre a star.

Taken outside the comedy theatre . London UK


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Just In, some very cool news. I'll certainly be getting tickets.
Anderson takes 'Swing'  
Sun Jan 18, 7:00 PM ET 


(Variety) LONDON Bloodied but presumably unbowed, Gillian Anderson (news) is planning a return visit to the London stage. The "X-Files" star will headline the world preem of American writer Rebecca
Gilman's "The Sweetest Swing in Brooklyn," which starts perfs March 25 with a March 31 opening at the Royal Court; the run ends May 1.


Anderson's last London outing, the late-2002 two-hander "What the Night Is For," was by another American scribe, Michael Weller, and it remains a tossup as to who came out of that West End stand less well,
the author or his star. On this occasion, Anderson will be paired with the Court's redoubtable artistic director, Ian Rickson, at a venue that will be marking its fourth Gilman show, following "The Glory of Living," "Spinning Into Butter" and "Boy Gets Girl." The TV star, who began in the theater, will play an artist who undergoes a crisis of identity.