X files music Video or clips corner.


 Each week I'll be hosting a few music videos on here, rotating them  two or three at a time depending on how much space I have. Some of these files can be pretty big if you want to download them. They either play on Real One player, Quicktime or windows media player.
I take requests from my own vast collection that I've found on my travels round the net. See the list I've put up on the site. Its not complete yet but Im working on it.
This week the video is for all my buds down at Mulder's Reguge who make me laugh till my sides split. What would I do without you, especially a certain Xtreme Unction who is a breath of fresh life on my sense of fun. Cool one !!  
 Check out my video list for any future posting requests. Due to lack of space I can only put up one at a time. So bear with me while I find some more storage.

BTW  You will need winzip for this files. Right click "Save target as"

More Videos coming soon. If you see any you want from My extensive list drop me a line and I'l post up for you to Download.  
Here's a video I found on a new video. It's very good and took my breath away. Everybody's Fool by the brilliant group Evanescance. Best music I've come across in a while. This has nice Mulder yahyah scenes and kick ass Scully. Great fight scenes and fun. So sit back, grab a coke and some chocholate. Enjoy.