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Come Join the party!!! Happy and nekkid mulder filled New year!!

Anyone going to this?

All 3 Lone Gunmen plus lots of other exciting guest from the worlrd of Scifi were fabulous. they told us about the new X files movie and some fun antics from the show. Tash, Penny, Linda Kat and I had a  blast. Keith a nd our son also came with us and got to spend time chatting to the LGM. Partay. More photos going up later. We had a small party at my place after the con and watched Connie and Carla outtakes. Sorry we missed you Darina!!  Going to stick a homing pin on you next time. Full write up on the wonderful weekends event later. 


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Best mid-length story.

September Mulder's refuge challenge winner.

UPDATED 2nd Oct 2004

Rl and illness have got in the way of my writing and updating this site. I hope to have new stories for you very soon. Thanks for sticking with me.

New this month.

Enchanted Shores  VS12 Valentine story. MSR Fluff. A little angst and Mulder looking nice in his Yellow PJ bottoms.

More artwork on many pages.


This site is currently undergoing a facelift very  and I'll be making the story headers easier to see and more streamlined.. This page is getting a bit long. LOL 

Come over to MR, pull up a few cusions and join us for a nevereneding party. If you like MT, MSR and being able to enjoy the genre  in our own light hearted way, rec fics, get beta services and encourage writers of these guilty pleasures...then this place is for you. Its hopping and we have lots to offer in a friendly fun enviroment.  Its been a fun old party at MR this year, we've grown to 300 members of the best readers and fanfic writers and we have some very special people down there. Party ideas for the one year old anyone?


Many thanks to all those who encouraged me during the last stressfull year both personally and in my work, by way of email and more direct poking for fic.(JAD2!! LLOLOL thankyou girl!!) Diane Randle, Pattie Wright. Joanne Tomusiak, W. Koenig, Vickie, Xphylia, Mel, Xtreme unction, Jenna, Debbie, Linda, Katja, David, Sally, Sixth extiction, Skinful, leslie too,Toomsie, xenith, Ten,Linda, Donnaj, Donnah...and anyone I missed. Huge hug for you all. I appreciate everything!!.

See what my evil muse looks like . he will even speak to you.

 About half the video list is up there still. I'll complete that shortly. I have found a bunch of new ones. You can email me for the complete list if you cant wait.

Over the next few weeks I will be including  more MSR and MT Fanfic ,artwork , fanfic recomendations and links to friend's websites.

The X files and the characters therein belong to the surfer dude Chris and Fox. DD and GA give them heart and soul.(TM) No profit made , no infringment intended. Purely a labor of love. 

 Hail nekkid Mulders. Lisa







 I'm a big fan of X files music videos so I intend to post a list of titles that I've found availiable and  links on where to snag these gems. I think I must have about 400 or more and counting.  New video now up!!!!  Run dont walk to download a great video with a FPS theme. Loads of Mulder and Scully getting their yahyahs." Everybody's fool" by EVANESCANCE,  
I will be changing the video over in a few days or so.   



In case you are wondering where Linda and Carla's(Xphylia's) fanfic pages are now, well they recently gave birth to great pages of their own, so I will be linking those up shortly. I was running out of room on here.
Lots of new X files links in that section: Major sites and fanfiction archives. More soon.



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