Enchanted Shores


Title: Enchanted Shores
                                    Author: Truthwebothknow1 dragonrider1@ntlworld.com
                                    Rating: PG. One or two naughty words and lascivious
                                    thoughts. In the romantic sense.
                                    Category: MSR, FLUFF,  A, X 
                                    Spoilers: None really, various stories from the 
                                    Virtual season. IMTP
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                                    Disclaimer: CC and FOX owns the whole kit and 
                                    caboodle. I'm just having fun with them for my
                                    own amusement and no profit. I send them home
                                    clean to Chris. LOL
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                                    Enchanted Shores 1/1
                                    Blue anchor Bay Shore. Early morning. 
                                    White horses lapped the shore as the stiff early
                                    breeze hurried it along, licking foamily over rocks
                                    and at exposed timbers of the old quay. Bringing 
                                    with it a delightful spray of salt breeze and ozone. 
                                    Scully inhaled it all in as she watched Mulder pick 
                                    up rocks and tried to hit the red and white buoy, 
                                    bobbing just a few yards out in the shallows. Even 
                                    though it was cold, she felt a sudden warmth flood 
                                    her soul. 
                                    She smiled at the ever-present kid that hovered just
                                    below the surface of the man she loved. He liked to 
                                    take her away from the bustle of D.C. as much as he 
                                    could and Valentines Day was no exception. They had 
                                    both needed to get right away this year with all the
                                    bad things that had plagued their lives; the revelations 
                                    in his mother's journals, their own brushes with death, 
                                    Charlie's dark complicity within the consortium and the 
                                    untimely death of her only other sibling she felt she 
                                    still loved, Bill. 
                                    So this was what Mulder had been planning for more than 
                                    a month, his secretive behaviour worrying at times, but
                                    when she found out that his treat this year was a weekend
                                    in an old colonial lighthouse in Maine, she almost jumped 
                                    for joy. Just the two of them away from crowds, endless sea
                                    and sky, great food, a real log fire and just each other's 
                                    company. He called this The Enchanted coast and it certainly
                                    was. Just natural beauty that made her feel fresh and alive 
                                    and whole again. Miles from anywhere and filled with all the
                                    peace and solitude they could handle. Together. A celebration
                                    of what they had become to each other.
                                    She adored the sea of course, but as he had been raised in 
                                    small towns in various old money places all up and down the
                                    New England coast she knew it pounded calming surf through 
                                    his heart too.
                                    The soft crunch of feet through wet sand broke her out of
                                    her reverie as her partner approached her, grinning like
                                    a little boy bringing her a natural sea treasure. 
                                    The man with the child in his eyes.
                                    "Look Scully, a horseshoe crab. Must be a really early 
                                    spring this year." He hefted up the cumbersome creature 
                                    so she could have a better look. 
                                    She smiled at him broadly, wiping her wind blown hair 
                                    from her eyes and running slim fingers over the smooth
                                    rounded shell of the crab. 
                                    "Mulder I love your impromptu show and tell but he really
                                    looks like he might pee on you or snap off your finger. "
                                    Mulder laughed, "Nah, he's reaaaal laid back, kinda smooth
                                    like Skin man's head...sorta looks like one of those German
                                    soldier helmets from "Hogan's heroes", don't it?"
                                    "Umm Nazi helmet with attitude..." She giggled as the 
                                    predicted crab pee suddenly cascaded all down his best
                                    "Aw shit Scullee!" Mulder yelped jumping back in alarm 
                                    and falling on his ass with a soft thud in the sand.
                                    " That could be his encore. Best let the angry little 
                                    fellow go back to the sea." She did try to curb her 
                                    giggles but he looked so funny hopping up and down 
                                    with wet sand encrusted denims and the errant crab 
                                    scuttling to get out of his grip, it was near impossible.
                                    To his horror she produced her digital camera from her 
                                    coat pocket and snapped his misfortune while he struggled
                                    to stand on the uneven sand, the odd little crab's legs 
                                    flailing about with him. 
                                    "Hey not fair,.. What the f...Ow!!" he yelled as it suddenly
                                    latched onto his little finger with extreme gusto. "Damn 
                                    thing", he cried dropping the crab like a hot potato and 
                                    stuffing his abused finger in his mouth and sucking hard. 
                                    Eyes looking watery and childlike.
                                    "Oh Mulder, you dropped the poor thing, look there he goes, 
                                    back to the sea." Mulder scowled still nursing his finger as 
                                    they both watched the newly liberated crustacean scurry down 
                                    the sand in readiness for the next waves to take him away 
                                    from his abuser.
                                    "Poor thing my ass, look what it did to my finger." He stuck
                                    it under her nose so she couldn't miss it, or the pout that 
                                    had taken form on his bottom lip." Look".
                                    "It's a good job we are not on an actual case. Just love to
                                    see you fill in a medical insurance form that says, " Finger
                                    snacked on and lacerated by an angry Limulus polyphemus."
                                    " Ha, ha. Clever clogs, Bob Ballard. They're not supposed 
                                    to bite!!" he whined, cringing as she poked at it."
                                    "Well this one certainly did. Be glad it's too cold for 
                                    sporting your Speedos. A nasty nip elsewhere might have 
                                    ruined our romantic weekend plans. "
                                    "Sorry, now hold still." 
                                    Scully attempted to pull her face into doctor mode as she
                                    carefully inspected the now swelling pinkie. It did look 
                                    painful. She stifled another giggle as she chanced another
                                    look up at his face. Yes the pout was still there. So 
                                    irresistible and sexy. At least it was only his finger 
                                    and pride that was hurt. She had plans for him later 
                                    with certain un-abused extremities. Her tongue flicked over
                                    salty lips with some unbidden erotic images. At the same 
                                    time she heard Mulder take a deep breath but that could 
                                    have been due to her ministration of his finger.
                                    "There, there, G-man, be brave. I have some ointment I
                                    can put on this once were back at the lighthouse. You 
                                    did piss it off you know. Teach you to put your fingers
                                    where they shouldn't go." 
                                    His face broke into a smile at that, humor and innuendo
                                    warring within his hazel depths. Scully snorted. "Don't 
                                    even go there."
                                    "What? What did I do? "
                                    "It's not what you did, its what is going on in that 
                                    unscrupulous mind of yours. " He was about to make a 
                                    suitably solicitous retort when the sun suddenly blazed
                                    through Scully's hair and lit her eyes in a riot of blue
                                    fire that almost stopped his heart. She looked like a sea
                                    siren and he felt a magical lure to disappear into her 
                                    and never come out again. 
                                    His feral grin melted into one of awe and he suddenly leaned
                                    over, took her head in both his large hands and pressed his 
                                    lips to hers. First her lips, which she opened to accommodate
                                    his questing full mouth and then peppered tiny kisses all 
                                    down her neck along the curve of her jaw. She tasted like 
                                    heaven and salt and he loved every inch of her. For a 
                                    second his eyes levelled with hers as she opened them
                                    again, making his catch fire almost with the love they 
                                    seared into his own.
                                    They stayed like that for a long time, letting the rising 
                                    sun warm them and breathing in the tangy air, arms entwined
                                    around each other like two last limpets clinging to the shore.
                                    The bells and mournful horns of fishing boats farther out at 
                                    sea still touched by a fog shroud resonated through them both. 
                                    They were a world away from their normal lives but Mulder had 
                                    found his safe harbour, it was always Scully; his best friend 
                                    his, lover and his whole life. He would never again put to 
                                    sea without her.
                                    As if approving of their union, a crescendo of small waves
                                    came in to lap at their naked feet, two successive ones 
                                    suddenly fuelled by the changing tide breaking against 
                                    the sandy promontory with force enough to soak them up
                                    to their knees.
                                    "Oh god, Mulder... that water's cold." He laughed, pulling 
                                    her further up the beach, his big arms around her shoulders
                                    and shielding her face from the worsening wind. The air 
                                    tasted gritty and he got the distinct impression it was
                                    brewing for a storm. 
                                    "Put your head on my chest Scully, I'll keep you warm."
                                    "I love you so much Mulder, do you know that?" He gave her
                                    an Eskimo kiss, and grinned at her nodding. She tucked her 
                                    head against his warmth just he leaned in to claim her 
                                    deliciously salty mouth again.
                                    A lone gull cried out above them somewhere and the wind 
                                    whipped up like a sudden wraith appearing,, blowing a 
                                    swirl of sand right over them.
                                    Startled, Scully broke the kiss but Mulder kept his arms 
                                    encircling her, smiling, unwilling to break the spell and
                                    let go. Scully held onto him tightly, laying her head 
                                    against his pounding heart, which seemed to be in sync with 
                                    waves and in that moment, wished she could dive into his 
                                    fathomless depths and stay there for all time, away from
                                    the constant nemesis of harm, death, sorrow and frustration
                                    that had moulded and shaped their existence for longer 
                                    than she could fathom. 
                                    Mulder always knew there was something magical about 
                                    this coastline, steeped in mystery and lore. Of Ghostly 
                                    sightings, strange lights and unnatural shipwrecks. A 
                                    few years ago he might have been tempted to explore its 
                                    hidden phenomena but this weekend was about them, not 
                                    any X file and more importantly, it was about pampering
                                    Scully. Loving, quality time, with no phones, no TV, 
                                    no work to interrupt their valentine celebration. Just 
                                    soft light, sea air, candles and a lot of time just spent
                                    exploring each other, finding new facets of their love, 
                                    experiencing the joy of life for a change, and giving 
                                    them both back that faith that they could as a couple 
                                    enjoy the normal things other lovers took for granted. 
                                    This last year they had almost forgotten how to laugh 
                                    and the overwhelming weight of tears and personal loss
                                    had almost crushed their spirit. The X files were a 
                                    world away and Scully's smile and loving caress was 
                                    the only magic he needed to experience this romantic
                                    long weekend. 
                                    "Time to get out of these wet clothes Mulder.. And 
                                    though I hate to say it, you smell...." Mulder gave 
                                    her bemused look as she sniffed at him and wrinkled 
                                    her nose up. "...Fishy." 
                                    Mulder scooped her up all of a sudden, making her 
                                    shriek and giggle, her voice all but stolen away by 
                                    the wind. "I'll give you fishy my little Scully sea 
                                    nymph," Mulder laughed in his best Charles Laughton 
                                    voice. " Lets get back, get naked and have some seafood
                                    and wine while I tell you fishy tales of Poseidon, 
                                    and you can quote the naughtier tales of Ahab." 
                                    "You nut, there are no naughty tales, just the 
                                    Moby Dick innuendos stored in your lascivious 
                                    And he took off with her, big feet pounding up and
                                    over the sand dune with ease while she clung on and
                                    giggled for all she was worth. Her laughter gave 
                                    him a strength he didn't know he had and he felt
                                    almost like he was walking on air. 
                                    He squeezed her ass as he ran faster, eager to get out of
                                    the rain that was pelting their faces. He loved how her 
                                    laughter was all juddery as he pounded up the sand that 
                                    led to the little lighthouse garden gate. 
                                    "Okay you win, Mulder, but only if you draw me a bubble 
                                    bath and you know, arrange some candles and wine. " 
                                    " I'll do better than that," he waggled his eyebrows in 
                                    a parody of Groucho Marx. "I'll even scrub your back and 
                                    show you my sea serpent."
                                    "Can't wait." She swiped at his ass as he put her down
                                    finally and then raced, still laughing up to the white
                                    washed clapboarded lighthouse. 
                                    The mid February storm raged on into the morning, the 
                                    beach deserted now, all but for the cry of gulls 
                                    huddled in the dunes to escape the worst of the 
                                    wind among the sparse patches of sea grass. 
                                    A small metallic box lay damp, and speckled with sand 
                                    in the footprints of two lovers. Two violet eyes shifted
                                    like the wink of a butterfly, curious, wanting to touch 
                                    this little shiny object. Questions, a thousand questions
                                    sifted through an ever-questing intelligence. Eyes 
                                    darting, sniffing at the ozone heavy air, curiosity won 
                                    over apprehension and 6 tiny pointed green fingers moved
                                    tentatively, tracing the sandy footprints still warm from
                                    their makers feet and closed over it's prize, slowly, 
                                    slowly...until it snatched it away as the wind 
                                    snatches a thought. 
                                    Blue Anchor Lighthouse. Sunrise.
                                    Two bodies glowed in the full moon's gossamer blanket; 
                                    an unearthly, almost ethereal atmosphere fell over the 
                                    lighthouse and surrounding beachhead. No one saw the 
                                    strange mists, the color of the shifting sea, glittering 
                                    with gimlet diamonds gifted by the moon that rose and 
                                    waned around the promontory, and up across the windows
                                    of the lighthouse. 
                                    The tides caressed the beaches as Mulder hands caressed
                                    his lover and partner of 12 years with as much reverence
                                    as the first time. Sighing breaths drawing in and out 
                                    with the waves that crashed on the beach a few yards 
                                    from their window, while small inquisitive eyes looked
                                    on at the two figures nestled in the old bed, tiny 
                                    fingers and breath making silver condensation trails 
                                    on the trembling glass. Like the physical prescience 
                                    behind those eyes by morning all traces of silver 
                                    would fade away. 
                                    Scully slept curled against Mulder's heart and dreamed
                                    on in his protective embrace, despite the window being
                                    open just enough to let in the healthy sea air, warmed 
                                    by the vision of her partner sprawled over the sofa in 
                                    just his skin and a those tatty thin yellow pyjamas he 
                                    loved and she never had the heart to throw out. He just
                                    looked so ...at home in them like a second skin and 
                                    they left nothing to the imagination. 
                                    The day before when rain had sent them laughing towards
                                    shelter from the storm, they hadn't been in the door 
                                    more than five minutes after getting back from the 
                                    beach before divesting themselves of their wet sandy 
                                    clothing and tumbling to the floor in a wave of touches
                                    and kissing and sensations that left them both gasping 
                                    from helpless giggles. Giggles gave way to real passion 
                                    as they gave in to everything they had desired and wanted, 
                                    what they had come here to this deserted haven to enjoy. 
                                    They fell into an easy sleep staring at patterns in 
                                    the flames of the open fire. 
                                    Later they had eaten lobster and salad, feeding each
                                    other and enjoying the good food and wine, sheltered 
                                    from the worsening storm. Mulder told tales of his 
                                    and Samantha's adventures on New England beaches, 
                                    memories of careless days and sand all through his 
                                    mother's house. A simpler happier time. Scully worried
                                    a little that he would get all melancholy but she tried 
                                    to steer him on to happier subjects. Stories about her 
                                    father, his life on an open sea and the way her mother
                                    handled four feisty and very different children while 
                                    Ahab was away. And they laughed into the night at each
                                    other's anecdotes and jokes. 
                                    After Mulder had drawn her a hot bath and lit what looked 
                                    like a hundred candles all around the beautiful period 
                                    bathroom, the heat and the scented aroma mingling to 
                                    make the room look like a fairytale setting. Naked 
                                    and gorgeous looking, he'd brought with him a bottle of
                                    claret, two crystal glasses and a small box of hand made 
                                    chocolates. Then he surprised her by climbing in with her
                                    and pulling her up against his strong soapy chest. She 
                                    had sighed and leaned back. This was heaven. Who needed
                                    anything else but this. 
                                    "Well did you like that special agent Dana Scully?" 
                                    Mulder purred against her ear, his lips just feather
                                    brushing, ticking the sensitive skin there. 
                                    "Oh yeah Mulder, brings a whole new meaning to the 
                                    term, "Free Willy," she giggled as they'd both got 
                                    tipsy from the wine and the tranquillity of their 
                                    "Better believe it. I only perform my repertoire 
                                    of tricks for you."
                                    "I'm a very lucky g-woman. Could I have some more 
                                    wine please kind sir? " 
                                    "Don't you mean sex slave? Scully, and yes, you 
                                    can certainly have some more wine. I brought a 
                                    whole case. " He nuzzled her hair and stroked it
                                    with one hand, haphazardly pouring wine into the 
                                    glass dangling from her fingers with the other, 
                                    getting more over her fingers and in the bathwater
                                    than he actually did in the glass. 
                                    She gave him her fingers to lick clean and smiled
                                    at him as he obliged with a leer. He'd looked younger
                                    in the last few hours than she had seen him in a long 
                                    time. He looked...achingly beautiful; her whole life 
                                    was here in this room. For a few seconds they just 
                                    studied each other's faces, caught in the amber 
                                    of the moment in mutual appreciation and love.
                                    This was what it was all about. The universe dissolved 
                                    down to just the two of them. The way it should be. 
                                    "Thank you for this Mulder. Words can't express how 
                                    much it means to me to be here with you like this. 
                                    Makes me remember just for a while how much life 
                                    there is out here, and how we can just do normal 
                                    for a while."
                                    His hand found hers in the water and squeezed 
                                    her fingers gently. 
                                    "I love you Scully. This is nothing less than you 
                                    deserve for putting up with me all these years. A 
                                    small expression of my love for you. I did good huh?" 
                                    The child was back in his eyes, ever seeking approval. 
                                    Approval that she wanted him to have in spades. 
                                    "You did good Mulder, " she stroked the six o'clock 
                                    shadow with pad of her thumb, "you did real good. 
                                    You always do.... even when you fall on your ass 
                                    in the sand. You even wrestled that poor crab for 
                                    me," She laughed, lightening the moment.
                                    "Always looking to impress you agent Scully. "
                                    " Everything you do impresses me Mulder. Didn't
                                    you realize that by now." 
                                    "Really? Even when I expound weird untenable 
                                    theories?" He had the sweetest smile on his 
                                    face, one he got when he thought people were 
                                    teasing him, a look she had seen too often out 
                                    on cases when some of the other agents or cops 
                                    were making fun of him. It made her a little sad 
                                    and she tried not to let him see it on her face. 
                                    After all this time could he not cast off the 
                                    doubt of her love and devotion?
                                    "Especially then." And she'd tilted her head 
                                    back a touch so she could kiss him."
                                    Lets take this to the bedroom agent Scully; I want
                                    to try out that four-poster." He'd waggled his 
                                    eyebrows at her and as fast as it had shifted like 
                                    a cloud across his eyes, the rueful resignation she'd 
                                    seen there a moment ago had disappeared behind the 
                                    twinkle now in his eye. "It looks seriously sensuous 
                                    and besides, we're going to wrinkle like prunes if 
                                    we don't get out of this tub soon. After you."
                                    He'd pulled her out of the water and immediately 
                                    transmuted that into a kiss as he melded her 
                                    against his bath fresh skin.
                                    "Speaking of impressing me Mulder, I want to look 
                                    at that photo I took of you." 
                                    "Oh, the one of me making an ass of myself with 
                                    the terror of Davie Jones locker. The one you're
                                    going to have blown up and put on the bureau 
                                    notice board?" 
                                    "Well I wouldn't go that far Mulder, as tempting
                                    as it may be. But I'm sure my mother would get a 
                                    good laugh out of it. Besides, I bet that poor 
                                    creature was more afraid of you, ya big bully." 
                                    She giggled smacking at his bare ass as he held her.
                                    With that Mulder had grabbed her legs and had 
                                    thrown her wet body over his shoulder while 
                                    she screamed for mercy between hiccupping and 
                                    laughing. He'd deposited her still laughing on 
                                    the bed. Some joyful fumbling around the sheets
                                    for a few moments wore them both out and they 
                                    gave in to the sleepiness of just having shared 
                                    a warm bath filled with aromatherapy oils. Her 
                                    photographic handiwork had been forgotten as 
                                    they'd curled up together like two perfectly 
                                    interlocking jigsaw pieces.
                                    Next Morning.
                                    "Mulder, did you see my camera anywhere? " Scully
                                    asked next morning as she fixed them OJ and muffins 
                                    for breakfast. Mulder was padding around in his PJ 
                                    bottoms, looking more edible than the food. Scully 
                                    stared on appreciatively. Funny how being by the 
                                    sea made you think of nautical euphemisms for 
                                    everything, even when it came to her partner's 
                                    finest features. 
                                    Must stop that, Scully thought to herself as
                                    she picked up their discarded sandy clothes 
                                    from the day before, rifling in the pockets 
                                    of her coat for the compact metallic gadget. 
                                    It had been a present from her mother after 
                                    she and Mulder moved into the duplex together. 
                                    Coming up empty she frowned just as Mulder 
                                    caught the look of consternation on her face. 
                                    He came over and draped his arms over her 
                                    smaller form like a boa constrictor. 
                                    "My camera, its not here. Damn, "
                                    Mulder smirked, coming at last out of his sleepy
                                    bubble. "Divine retribution for filming me in all 
                                    my misfortune. My finger still smarts like a muth..."
                                    "Sorry. Still does hurt too. See, kiss it better." 
                                    She did and then looked him in the eye, her 
                                    gaze growing steely."
                                    "Mulder, did you hide it?"
                                    "Moi? You wound me Scully, I'm soo crushed." He clutched 
                                    at his chest in mock offence. "Not me, Indian guides honor."
                                    "Umm.....if you didn't then where could it be?" 
                                    "The Beach!" they both said in unison. And Scully's 
                                    heart sank.
                                    "Oh Mulder, there was a storm last night."
                                    "It was in its silver case wasn't it?"
                                    "Yeah but......." 
                                    He grabbed hold of her hand and they went for the 
                                    door. "Come on."
                                    "Mulder, hey, wait up, it's not that warm out 
                                    there. Don't you want to change." 
                                    "Ahhh...." And he looked down at his flimsy 
                                    PJ bottoms.
                                    Scully threw him a sweater and they opened 
                                    the door. They never got further than the step. 
                                    They both stopped dead in their tracks, Mulder half 
                                    in and out of his sweater. Both of them stared open 
                                    "Oh my god!! Mulder?" he blinked and opened his 
                                    mouth to say something but for a second or so
                                    felt his mouth paralysed in shock.
                                    "What the....."
                                    Suddenly finding their senses they crept through 
                                    the dawn air down to the lawn, white swirls of 
                                    breath coming out as fast pants as they tried 
                                    to assimilate what they were seeing.
                                    "Scully what's that? Is that your camera?"
                                    "Yeah, Yeah it is."
                                    Scully bent down to retrieve her camera, looking
                                    none the worse for its night left out in the 
                                    elements. But the most startling thing was that 
                                    whoever had been good enough to return it had 
                                    left them another gift. Sometime during the night
                                    someone had been busy on their lawn.
                                    There in the middle of the grass was a perfect 
                                    outline of a heart made entirely from shells.....
                                    and in the middle was an outline of them...as they
                                    had stood in relief on the beach like a silhouette
                                    against the rising sun. 
                                    "Us. " She finished for him. " Its beautiful. 
                                    And then they both scrambled to look at the display
                                    on the camera, almost dropping it again in their 
                                    haste to check the pictures stored on the smart card.
                                    The digital viewer on the back flickered to life and 
                                    she saw firstly the humorus shot of Mulder from the 
                                    day before. As they clicked next they both held 
                                    their breath. A face like nothing they had ever seen
                                    winked into place and smiled at them. It was so beautiful
                                    like an elfin child, white translucent skin with a hint 
                                    of blue and green. Six tiny little fingers held up in 
                                    entreaty or greeting.....until it faded from view 
                                    like a passing thought seconds later. 
                                    "What the hell was that?" Scully turned to look at her 
                                    partner whose face bore all the excitement of getting 
                                    new X file case, his brain already racing along on the 
                                    tide of possibilities despite the shake of his head. 
                                    He looked back at the camera and tried to get the 
                                    picture back, but to no avail. It was wiped clean, 
                                    the only one that had been on it to vanish. Mulder 
                                    stared down at the beachhead seeking...whatever had 
                                    done this but the beach was empty.
                                    "I don't know what that was Scully, that's no child 
                                    like I have ever seen the like of before. Looks like 
                                    an extra from a 'Midsummer night's dream'. Perhaps we 
                                    can put some candies out in case he comes back to thank
                                    him for bringing your camera back...and this little
                                    gift of romantic shell art."
                                    "What,.. You mean like the kids in ET who left a trail 
                                    of M&Ms for the little grey guy?" Mulder closed his eyes
                                    on a smile and opened them again, giving her a lopsided 
                                    "Yeah, something like that." 
                                    Scully gave a nervous smile, still unsure of what had 
                                    really happened here. Like the coastline itself it was
                                    strange wonderful and magical, and yet it made her 
                                    nervous to think they had been observed in this way, 
                                    by all intents and purposes, a child. 
                                    "Well I guess it's a trip into town to pick up some
                                    goodies for our honest little friend."
                                    "And some for us."
                                    "Yeah." Mulder took her hand in his warm one and held 
                                    her close. "I dunno about you Scully, but I think we 
                                    have been given a very special valentines gift."
                                    "Yeah. Its an X file Mulder, but a nice one."
                                    She took one last look out onto the beach. The waves 
                                    rolled in, and the sun was just cresting up over the
                                     surf. The storm was over and they could explore later. 
                                    Maybe eat out at one of the many seafood places 
                                    Mulder had raved about.
                                    Just under two days left here; what other magic could 
                                    this place reveal to them? As if reading her mind 
                                    Mulder leaned down to kiss her and she melted into
                                    his warmth.
                                    "Come on my sweet valentine, we have a candy trail 
                                    to organise. Call it a spooky hunch but I don't 
                                    think we have seen the last of our enigmatic 
                                    little friend."
                                    "No, me neither."
                                    And she returned the kiss.
                                    The End.
                                    Just the beginning of a bigger universe.