Home Alone

Title:  Home alone
                                    Author:  Lisa (Truthwebothknow) 
                                    Rating:  PG13
                                    Category:  MT MSR ANGST 
                                    Written for the Virtual Season 13's Valentine's Day Special
                                    Disclaimer:  no copyright infringement intended.
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                                    Mulder and Scully Duplex 
                                    12th Feb 2006 
                                    It could have been a particularly pleasant dream but
                                    he was vaguely aware of her featherlike lips whispering 
                                    in his ear, touching against his face as he rolled over. A 
                                    whimpering noise escaped his throat and his chest heaved 
                                    against the heavy duvet. Then a small hand slid around 
                                    his waist bringing warmth and unutterable peace as it 
                                    settled over his heart. 
                                    The next time he was aware of anything he got the notion 
                                    he was alone and the side of the bed that was hers was 
                                    empty, the sheets now cool. Lying on his side, his fingers 
                                    slid over the cotton seeking the warmth his skin craved 
                                    but she was definitely gone.
                                    Opening his eyes was difficult, his eyelids heavy with 
                                    an overall grogginess he couldn't shake. At last he pried 
                                    open one eye and looked across, confirming what he 
                                    already knew.
                                    No Scully. What time was it? Where was she? No 
                                    sounds of life coming from the rest of their shared 
                                    His heart gave a small stutter in his chest but still 
                                    he had no real desire to move. Why was he even 
                                    still in bed? He licked dry lips and wondered why
                                    his mouth felt like  cooch grass tufts had taken 
                                    root in it. He rolled awkwardly onto his back, 
                                    feeling heavy and lethargic, slowly coming to.
                                    This wasn't just the last vestige of sleep. There was
                                    a deep ache he couldn't identify and his head was 
                                    full of cottony confusion.
                                    He shut his eyes tight when the sun suddenly came 
                                    through the window in unrelenting streaks that hurt 
                                    his eyes, even behind his eyelids.
                                    Sharp twinges of discomfort blew the last remnants
                                    of the dream away.
                                    He'd been running, he heard laughter as his feet 
                                    took off down the street. The laughter getting 
                                    louder. Something chasing him, the laughter now 
                                    thundering inside his head, menacing....pursuing 
                                    him until...until... nothing. He was grabbing at air, 
                                    falling, falling.... 
                                    ....And he opened his eyes with a start and he was
                                    back in his bed.  He lay on his back, panting, spread-
                                    eagled across damp twisted sheets. His arm slack 
                                    against the sheets on her side of the bed, his questing 
                                    fingers now closing over something cold 
                                    and papery. It tickled his palm. 
                                    He pulled its crushed texture open with his other 
                                    hand and squinted at it. It was a short note in her 
                                    familiar script. It made him smile despite his 
                                    rude awakening.
                                    "I love you. Don't forget to take your meds. 
                                    Got called in to do an Autopsy on the 
                                    Briggs case. Back as soon as I can."
                                    Scully xxx
                                    P.S. REST!!!!   You are just out the hospital. 
                                    That means do not go jogging, do not 
                                    clamber over the furniture. Definitely don't 
                                    ditch me for one of The LGM's wild goose 
                                    chase stories, no matter how compelling, no
                                    matter how much it tickles your weird 
                                    shitometer; in fact please don't leave your bed. 
                                    Demerol and Mulder inertia spells big 
                                    trouble. Naked and doped up on happy 
                                    drops is how I want to find you when I get 
                                    home. Or I will break your other leg. 
                                    Love Scully.
                                    Ooh so not a dream then, a memory. He'd been 
                                    hurt on a case. He cringed as the pain in his leg 
                                    washed away any doubt that it was a nasty 
                                    figment of his imagination. The whole sorry 
                                    episode came flooding back and his right leg 
                                    began to throb sadistically with every moment 
                                    of recollection.
                                    Several days previously.
                                    They were both on a stakeout at the corner of 
                                    Johnson and Maine. So far it looked quiet and 
                                    Mulder was gamely throwing seeds into his 
                                    mouth, cracking the shells and lobbing them in 
                                    the back seat, much to Scully's annoyance. But 
                                    he was a man on a mission. Too deep in 
                                    contemplation and thought to notice her 
                                    rising ire, using his Oxford educated brilliant 
                                    profiler mind to deduce the ultimate Valentine's 
                                    gift for the love of his life, who was currently 
                                    scowling at him. He flashed her what he thought 
                                    was a winning smile. She rolled her eyes.
                                    Only last week she'd complained that one of 
                                    his stray seed husks had laddered her 
                                    stockings and since they were car-pooling 
                                    now to save time and money, perhaps he 
                                    could see his way to cutting down on extraneous 
                                    crap found at any given time littering his car. The 
                                    back seats alone had begun to resemble a mobile
                                    Starbucks with all the cartons strewn about.  A 
                                    smirk crossed his lips as he remembered his 
                                    suggestion that she dispense with her stockings
                                    once they got to the office.
                                    It had earned him a swat around the head.
                                    He was just flicking through a mental rolodex 
                                    of expensive restaurants in the downtown DC 
                                    area, hoping that a bribe of some Yankee's 
                                    tickets he'd acquired from his friend in ballistics 
                                    would get him reservations. He'd left this rather 
                                    late as usual, when Skinner's tinny voiced blared 
                                    through the walkie-talkie. 
                                    "It's going down. Coverage needed at the front
                                    and back of the Chinese supermarket. Choi is 
                                    on the move after all."
                                    "On our way sir."
                                    Without further ado they exited the car, Scully 
                                    covering his back as they took off in pursuit 
                                    of the infamous Triad member who had 
                                    kidnapped a politician's daughter after a drug 
                                    bust went wrong. She had been in the wrong 
                                    place at the wrong time at a DC hotel when 
                                    she'd been taken hostage. Time was running
                                    out in finding her. They hoped she would be 
                                    here and an all out mission to rescue her was 
                                    Cops and a special Swat unit flanked out from 
                                    the shop on all sides. It was in a 3-story building. 
                                    The part over the store mostly derelict, a haven 
                                    for drug users and thugs.  Scully donned a 
                                    bulletproof vest, as did Mulder and they 
                                    entered the front of the building with several 
                                    Swat guys at the rear, guns in readiness for 
                                    trouble.  A noise from a stairwell diverted 
                                    Mulder and just out of the corner of his eyes, 
                                    a guy shot out from his hidey-hole. 
                                    Taking off after him, he chased him around to
                                    another level of the building but he seemed to 
                                    have vanished.  Mulder twisted and turned but 
                                    the guy was nowhere in sight and for some 
                                    reason he'd yet to fathom, he'd become 
                                    separated from Scully. He waited a few
                                    moments until the guy suddenly broke 
                                    cover and dived for the stairs to the roof. 
                                    Mulder, gun drawn, headed after him. 
                                    Below, unbeknownst to Mulder, Skinner, 
                                    Scully and the Swat team were running 
                                    after another perp on the ground floor 
                                    that had split their attention. They seemed 
                                    to want Mulder on his own but by the time 
                                    they had realised that, the agent was elsewhere.  
                                    In a small room at the back of the store they 
                                    came across the trussed up terrified kid that 
                                    Choi had grabbed.  They promptly arrested 
                                    two other guys guarding her and only after they 
                                    had marched them off to the waiting sting wagon, 
                                    they realised that Mulder was in pursuit of the 
                                    main man on his own. They could hear them 
                                    pounding through the empty floors above.  
                                    Mulder followed his man to the small stairwell
                                    that led up to the roof. The guy just vanished 
                                    through the door at the top. He didn't see it too 
                                    well, there was a blast of sunlight from holes in 
                                    the roof and it glinted off his gun barrel, half 
                                    blinding him suddenly. Slowly Mulder made his 
                                    way up the stairs, flattening himself against the 
                                    wall. He peered around the open door jamb and 
                                    stepped through after checking it was clear. 
                                    "FBI. Freeze or I will shoot," he yelled just as
                                    a dark head clamoured over the roof. He edged 
                                    closer thinking the man had jumped to his death 
                                    to evade capture only to find a fire escape 
                                    zigzagging down the 3 floors. But as he peered 
                                    over the edge he saw someone running down. 
                                    The dark head looked up as he took the stairs 
                                    two at a time. It was the face of a teen boy, not 
                                    Choi. He waved, gave the internationally 
                                    recognised gesture for 'screw you' and 
                                    continued on down. 
                                    Mulder had barely time to swing around before 
                                    something huge hit him in the chest, the weight 
                                    of it sending him careening back and off the 
                                    roof. He frantically grabbed at the dead air all 
                                    around him like a madman, trying to grab 
                                    something to stop his deadly plunge, legs
                                    swinging wildly as the ground came up to 
                                    meet him with a bone shattering crunch, 
                                    Choi's mad laugher crashing through his 
                                    Scully dove around the corner with Skinner 
                                    at her heels just in time to see Mulder 
                                    fishtail off the roof. Seconds later a Swat 
                                    sharpshooter downed Choi as he tried to 
                                    rush back into the building. He only made
                                    it two steps, his laughter dying with him.
                                    "Oh my god Mulder!!"
                                    By the time they reached Mulder, he hadn't 
                                    exactly hit the ground. A large florist's van 
                                    had broken his fall. Mulder was spread-eagled
                                    in a man-sized dent, quickly sliding off the 
                                    bloody wind shield in a huge puddle of glass
                                    ....and rice.  
                                    His right leg mangled in a sickening zigzag 
                                    that resembled the fire escape. The fact that 
                                    he was muttering delirious obscenities Scully 
                                    took as a good sign that he was alive.  
                                    "Say it with flowers this Valentines" logo soon 
                                    became clear as Mulder cleared the hood. Skinner
                                    fought down the urge to cringe at the irony. One 
                                    look at Scully confirmed she must have been 
                                    gritting her teeth at the same thing. 
                                    "Mulder!!"  She went directly into doctor mode, 
                                    carefully trying to catalogue injuries and vital signs. 
                                    "Mulder lie still honey. Help is coming. I'm here."
                                    "Love you...sorry...I fucked up...another valentine," 
                                    he muttered through bloodied lips before passing 
                                    out. An ambulance siren was the last thing he heard.       
                                    Georgetown Memorial.
                                    An eternity of painful and invasive poking in the 
                                    trauma unit and several hours of surgery later, 
                                    he awoke to find an ashen Scully by his side, 
                                    a shocked Skinner and a herd of nosey reporters 
                                    outside his hospital room at GUMC.
                                    "Honey I'm home!" He declared somewhat drunkenly
                                    as the Demerol kicked in and Scully hung onto his 
                                    bruised hand like a limpet, looking at him like he might 
                                    disappear at any second. Apparently, while he was 
                                    napping in surgery he'd achieved Hero status after 
                                    the successful bust and recovery of the girl, shaken
                                    but unharmed, and just about every news channel 
                                    was baying like a pack of hungry bloodhounds for 
                                    the scoop on Agent Mulder and his amazing swan 
                                    dive off the 3-story building.
                                    Some hero, he thought. Ko'ed  by. a 50 kilo sack of 
                                    fragrant jasmine rice. Jeez he'd kept finding the stuff 
                                    in his bed and his...well he wasn't going there. 
                                    A Doctor Forester breezed in, muttering about the 
                                    press loitering outside and held up his X-rays, outlining 
                                    the plates and screws that were required to fix Mulder's 
                                    shattered tib and fib.  Mulder actually giggled and 
                                    cracked some quip about Humpty Dumpty. Scully 
                                    and Skinner flashed each other a look, while Scully 
                                    smiled at Mulder indulgently and mouthed "Demerol." 
                                    It transpired that the Kevlar vest had gone a long way
                                    to save his chest from serious injury; he had other 
                                    cuts and bruises from the glass and impact but his 
                                    leg was another story. He'd be off at least 3 months 
                                    while the veritable Erector set inside did its magic 
                                    and perhaps if he were lucky, desk duty after that.  
                                    The florist truck was a write off. It had ceased to 
                                    be. Hauled off to the great scrap yard in the sky.  
                                    Scully had filled him in on how Frohike had 
                                    wanted to preserve the hood as a piece of 
                                    modern art while Langly had wanted to sell it 
                                    on Ebay.  Byers, apparently the only 
                                    one of the trio not to use recreational 
                                    drugs that day, declined to comment beyond 
                                    the failure to locate the owner if the ill-fated van. 
                                    "When do I get out of here Scully?"  Mulder 
                                    asked after 3 hours of Oprah and a George 
                                    Duyba Special on the Biography channel 
                                    had almost moved him to request a bed
                                    on the psyche ward.    
                                    He didn't dare turn on CNN or any of the 
                                    local news channels. He was flavour of the 
                                    month, the doctor had gleefully told him. 
                                    Present day.
                                    Another painful twinge from below the sheets
                                    jolted him back to the present. Scully had been 
                                    so upset about the whole thing that she had 
                                    arranged to spring him after two days, the 
                                    orthopaedic consultant agreeing that as she 
                                    was a medical doctor, she could care for him 
                                    at home as long as he stayed in bed and took 
                                    home a whole truckload of Demerol. 
                                    He sighed. On the whole Scully had taken it all 
                                    rather stoically, considering he expected her to 
                                    go coastal after this latest incident threatened to
                                    put a damper on their Valentine's celebration 
                                    yet again. In the past few years he'd always 
                                    managed to get banged up around the time 
                                    of the festival of love and he imagined she 
                                    was getting more a little pissed off. 
                                    He didn't enjoy pain; he really didn't so it wasn't 
                                    too much fun for him either. Well at least he was 
                                    home in their bed but the object of his undying 
                                    affections was not here and he was oooh so 
                                    bored...and hungry. Didn't he have to eat with 
                                    these gigantic elephant pills he was supposed 
                                    to take?
                                    He looked around the room. Umm yum, he 
                                    thought as he spied the whole-wheat toast 
                                    under cling wrap and hazelnut low fat 
                                    yoghurt Scully had thoughtfully left on 
                                    the bedside cabinet in the wee small hours, 
                                    when her sudden work related exodus 
                                    had taken her from their warm bed.
                                    But he was hungry and his leg was now starting 
                                    to scream painfully right up into the fillings of 
                                    his teeth.  He dutifully swallowed the vile pills
                                    set out by the plate, congratulating himself that 
                                    he'd managed to do this small thing without 
                                    whining...not that there was anyone to whine to.
                                    Something else started vying for his attention. 
                                    He needed to drain the lizard, not quite urgent
                                    yet but the cold juice he'd had with his breakfast 
                                    had gone straight to his kidney's.
                                    He let his eyes wander around the bedroom, but 
                                    no sign of one of those cute plastic pee bottles 
                                    like they had in the hospital. Seems his Scully 
                                    had been remiss in that department.
                                    He was faced with an immediate dilemma: the 
                                    main one being that their lovely upstairs bathroom 
                                    had a slight plumbing problem and the only other 
                                    place to relieve his business was in the one downstairs.  
                                    A pair of shiny new crutches rested against the wall 
                                    next to the bed but then came the other problem; he 
                                    wasn't supposed to get out of bed. His post op care 
                                    was very specific and still groggy from the surgery, 
                                    plus the fresh meds might make for quite a desperate 
                                    situation should he start tottering around the house 
                                    He thought about calling Scully, telling her he loved 
                                    her dearly but he had a slight problem, and would 
                                    she mind at all if he didn't keep to his promise about 
                                    staying in bed as the resulting mess might be
                                    unfortunate for both of them. Better still, could 
                                    she come home so they could snuggle?  
                                    In the end he thought better of it as he suddenly 
                                    got vision of Scully in scrubs, elbow deep in 
                                    some stiff's pancreas and other token icky 
                                    spaghetti bits.  Not exactly a turn on, but the 
                                    thought of her in scrubs made him grin like 
                                    a fool. 
                                    He was also bereft at the thought that he had 
                                    yet to organize something suitably romantic 
                                    for Valentine's Day. Well, as romantic as they
                                    could manage with ten pounds of plaster and
                                    bandage on his leg.  He had to talk to the 
                                    gunmen and fast, now would that wait until 
                                    after he had taken care of more pressing 
                                    Seizing his cell phone he began to dial before
                                    he realised it was dead. Great, not only did he 
                                    leap off buildings and maim himself but also
                                    he'd forgotten, or rather Scully had forgotten 
                                    to charge up his phone.  He bit back a curse. 
                                    So that was that then, it couldn't be avoided. 
                                    He would just have to wing getting his ass 
                                    downstairs to use the bathroom, but he could 
                                    also kill two birds with one stone and call the 
                                    Gunmen at the same time.  He grinned at the 
                                    sudden realization that it was Celebrity Skin 
                                    delivery day and he'd be interrupting their 
                                    collective pervefest.
                                    Oh well it couldn't be helped. Onwards and 
                                    upwards. He threw back the sheets, quite 
                                    startled that the plate and phone went skittering 
                                    across the bedroom and smashed 
                                    against the wall. 
                                    Undeterred, and his need becoming a tad urgent
                                    he swung the good leg out of bed, shifting the 
                                    heavily cased one much more gingerly until he 
                                    had one bare foot flat on the carpet and the 
                                    injured leg stuck out in front of him like a boat
                                    oar. Umm better not think of the sea, boats etc...
                                    He grabbed his crutches and finagled them into
                                    place, but when he pushed upright, the room 
                                    spun before his eyes like a merry go-round 
                                    and it was all he could do to stay on his one 
                                    good foot and not yak up his breakfast. His 
                                    leg ached like a mother....
                                    "Okay I can do this," he muttered, wedging 
                                    the crutches firmly under his arms and 
                                    began the slow arduous trek across the 
                                    room to the door and beyond.  As he 
                                    reached the edge of the landing, not only 
                                    was he exhausted but he had a sudden 
                                    unpleasant sense of deja vu.  His head fell 
                                    forward onto his chest and he shut his 
                                    eyes tight as a wave of vertigo rolled over 
                                    him. This time and for reason's he couldn't 
                                    fathom, Oprah Winfrey was chasing him 
                                    across the roof and when he final toppled 
                                    over the edge he was wearing a superman 
                                    cape....what the fu....?
                                    He stood at the lip of the stairs swaying and 
                                    was feeling quite disorientated when the 
                                    downstairs phone ringing tore a path through 
                                    the cotton in his head.  His good foot 
                                    shifted inadvertently onto the first step 
                                    but his toes could not dig into the carpet 
                                    enough to stop his forward momentum.  
                                    A final sway and his crutches slipped from 
                                    his grasp with a clatter and he pitched 
                                    forward, too shocked and slacked jawed 
                                    to cry out. The hall flooring came up to 
                                    collide with his nose at an alarming speed 
                                    just as 
                                    the answering machine kicked in.  
                                    "I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch 
                                    the sky...." 
                                    He could just make out the hideous song by
                                    R. Kelly even more crucified by the tuneless 
                                    squawking of the Lone Gunmen, followed by 
                                    colorful metaphors and giggling. "Hey ho 
                                    Buck Rodgers  ....... Are you there? 
                                    "Revenge... is a dish best served cold. 
                                    Gonna bust some heads but good", Mulder 
                                    slurred into the blood slick parqueted hallway 
                                    tiles, vaguely hoping Scully had something to 
                                    clean unsavoury bodily fluids from their wood 
                                    flooring, as he lost consciousness.
                                    The only casualty of his 2nd swan dive of 
                                    the week seemed to be his nose. For that 
                                    he was eternally grateful. "Ow," he yelped 
                                    as the violent streaks of pain started 
                                    bouncing off the inside of his skull and he 
                                    lifted his arm to cup his throbbing 
                                    proboscis. Bad move, that only made him 
                                    dizzy and he finally did throw up. Slap 
                                    bang in Scully's Mexican Yucca plant pot that 
                                    was conveniently by his head. 'Pottery 
                                    Barn' had to be useful for something, he
                                    mused, wiping his mouth on his arm as he 
                                    tried to get some idea of his surroundings.  
                                    Fortunately his cast seemed intact but his leg 
                                    screamed at him to medicate with more Demerol. 
                                    The other fortunate thing was that he hadn't 
                                    disgraced himself on the floor, but rather the 
                                    dampness he'd woken up in was blood not 
                                    Mulderpee. However when he tried to shift, 
                                    the worse pain of all was from his bladder, 
                                    which by now was demanding an urgent 
                                    exodus of its contents. 
                                    He tried to shuffle on his ass but a sudden 
                                    explosion of pain created an equal explosion 
                                    of obscenities. Then he heard a key in the 
                                    lock at the front door he was currently 
                                    sprawled in front of.  He looked up in 
                                    all his patheticness at the worried 
                                    features of Margaret Scully.
                                    She was laden down with a casserole dish
                                    tucked under one arm, the smell from 
                                    which made him feel faintly nauseous, 
                                    and a big bag of goodies slung over her 
                                    shoulder that indicated she'd come to camp 
                                    out for the duration. 
                                    "My goodness, Fox, Thank god. I was so 
                                    worried when I tried to call you and no one 
                                    answered your cell phone. Dana asked me to 
                                    look in on you while she was at work, dear...
                                    um. "  Then she noticed the way he was squished, 
                                    limbs akimbo between the wall and against the 
                                    staircase, his fallen crutches and finally his sore 
                                    swollen nose and the bloody trail on the floor. 
                                    His eyes were two miserable pools of hazel that if 
                                    she looked at too hard she might fall into. Just like 
                                    a beaten spaniel. She placed a hand on her chest 
                                    and gasped. "Oh my God. Fox, what happened? 
                                    Are you all right?" 
                                    "Dropped my crutches. Fell." Could he sound 
                                    any more pathetic?
                                    She discarded her baggage on the stairs and 
                                    immediately breezed into a mode that was all 
                                    Scully business. She felt his forehead, checked 
                                    out his swollen nose and glanced worriedly at 
                                    his sorry looking legs. "Oh Fox, just look at you."
                                    "I....I seem to have an ...<cough> embarrassing 
                                    problem Maggie." He admitted between gritted teeth, 
                                    partly from the pain and quite a lot from the fact that
                                    he had just realized that he was nearly naked, wearing
                                    nothing but a stoned expression and a pair of silky 
                                    white boxers with little love hearts all over them. 
                                    And teddies.
                                    "What's that dear?" She was picking up his crutches 
                                    as she peered down at him.
                                    Scully had given him an early Valentine's gift, which 
                                    was just as well really considering his folly on the last 
                                    case and the resultant battered leg. The boxers were 
                                    the most comfortable thing...hell the only thing he 
                                    could get on easily over his fucking massive cast. 
                                    He really loved them and Scully had given him a 
                                    saucy wink at the hospital while he was readying 
                                    himself for the trip home, and he adored them all 
                                    the more, the silky feel against his.....the way her 
                                    eyes lit up as she stared south...ahem. 
                                    They were meant only to be seen in the privacy 
                                    of their bedroom; unfortunately this was the 
                                    wrong Scully who was now gazing at them.  
                                    If the ground could have opened up and 
                                    swallowed him....
                                    He looked beyond Maggie and flicked his eyes 
                                    desperately in the direction of the downstairs 
                                    toilet, hoping that his partner's mother was as
                                    good at unspoken communication as her daughter.
                                    "Oh I see, let me give you a hand up dear."  
                                    Yes, there was a god, and he didn't have to explain
                                    his predicament, it was obviously written all over his 
                                    face. Just as well, as he noted that it was damn tricky 
                                    trying to cross his legs with one of them entombed 
                                    with plaster. He grabbed the crutches Maggie was 
                                    holding out to him and she slipped an arm around 
                                    his back and left arm as he tried for upright. He knew
                                    Scully would have a conniption when she found out 
                                    that he'd moved after bashing his noggin on the floor, 
                                    but she wasn't here and anyone could see that this 
                                    was of the utmost urgency.
                                    "Thanks Maggie."
                                    It hurt, god did it hurt and he was scared for one 
                                    awful second he might burst and drown the hallway 
                                    in spectacular fashion. But after a lot of grunting, 
                                    groaning and drawing blood on his bottom lip he 
                                    made it to the welcome coolness of the seat. 
                                    "Will you be okay Fox...I mean err with...do you 
                                    think you need a hand?"
                                    Oh god no!   
                                    "Um.... No!.. Thanks. Think I can take it from 
                                    here."  He grunted as he fumbled with 
                                    the slippery silk.
                                    Maggie smiled that knowing indulgent smile only 
                                    a mother of boys can have, and thankfully closed 
                                    the door and he was at last able to let rip. He threw
                                    his head back in blissful relief and sighed. 
                                    As dizzy as he was, he managed to make it out 
                                    into the hall again where Maggie was hovering 
                                    with motherly concern and a blanket.  "Let's 
                                    get you somewhere much more comfortable, 
                                    Suddenly the front door swung open and clattered
                                    violently against the wall as a flushed Walter Skinner 
                                    entered, gun drawn, about the same time as a blast 
                                    of cold air shot up Mulder's scantily clad ass and 
                                    almost toppled him and Mrs Scully. 
                                    The AD's eyebrows shifted quizzically as he 
                                    surveyed the bizarre scene.  Jeez, Mulder 
                                    thought, why was everyone's attention drawn 
                                    to his underwear for chrissakes?   
                                    "Everything all right here Mrs Scully, Mulder?"
                                    Mulder's mouth open and closed stupidly like 
                                    a fish but nothing came out.
                                    "He took a tumble Mr Skinner. I think he's 
                                    okay but his poor nose and head will need 
                                    checking out."
                                    "Yeah."  Mulder feebly muttered, feeling another 
                                    dizzy spell coming on. 
                                    "Why didn't you answer your cell Mulder? "
                                    "Umm, er... it's not charged." 
                                    "Oh....ahh okay. Sit down Mulder; you look like 
                                    you may fall down. "
                                    Been there done that, bought the Tshirt.
                                    "Oh Mulder!"  His flame haired partner's face 
                                    looked white as she barrelled through the door 
                                    so quickly she had to pull up short or fall over 
                                    her boss.
                                    "Scully.. That you?"  Suddenly she was all over
                                    him on the floor. Hands everywhere checking 
                                    for injury.  
                                    Mulder sucked in his breath. Please Scully, not 
                                    ...there...not in public.
                                    "I'm here Mulder, what happened? "
                                    "Fell.....needed the errrr  the..." he pointed  a 
                                    shaking finger at that bathroom.
                                    "You weren't supposed to get out of bed. Why 
                                    didn't you use the one upstairs? Or better still 
                                    the urinal bottle I left specifically for you? "
                                    "What urinal?" Mulder mumbled through the 
                                    hand that was still holding his bloody 
                                    nose, wishing they were having this
                                    conversation without such an attentive 
                                    "The one on the floor by the bedside table."
                                    Mulder gave her a withering look and watched 
                                    as realization dawned on her. .
                                    "Oh....er...must have kicked it under the bed. It 
                                    was dark when I left this morning. Sorry Mulder. " 
                                    Skinner stifled the urge to laugh behind a cough 
                                    while Maggie Scully suddenly found 
                                    her gold crucifix fascinating. 
                                    Scully's guilt trip was cut short by footsteps at 
                                    the door and a loud altercation on the path 
                                    involving a couple of reporters and photographers
                                    as they tried to get close enough for a picture. 
                                    "Crap.."  Skinner growled. "Don't worry I'll get 
                                    rid of them."
                                    Skinner took off in their direction, waving his 
                                    ID and barking orders. 
                                    My Hero, thought Mulder dizzily as he was 
                                    bundled into the living room by Scully and 
                                    her mother, both death-gripping an arm each.   
                                    Two minutes later he was happily horizontal on 
                                    the sofa, fresh jab of meds in the ass cheek, ice 
                                    bag perched on his head and his hair being lovingly 
                                    stroked by his beautiful partner as she phoned for 
                                    the paramedics. AGAIN.
                                    Three fresh but oddly familiar faces popped around the 
                                    doorway like a gaggle of erudite meerkats. Frohike 
                                    looked kinda pissed.
                                    "Greetings. Mulder you bum, we were trying to call
                                    you for hours. Why didn't you answer your damn 
                                    "Yes ..that's right...an agent down....What the... 
                                    Oh Hi." Scully chimed in around the ass chewing 
                                    she was giving the person on the other end of the 
                                    Mulder closed his eyes at the latest intrusion but 
                                    further buoyed by his fresh infusion of pain meds, 
                                    threw back. 
                                    "Geez, if it isn't the three American Idol hopefuls. 
                                    Sneezy, Dopey and Farty. Know what guys, next 
                                    time you find yourselves Sunnyside up on the 
                                    sidewalk, I'm gonna call up and serenade you.  
                                    Spooky Mulder sings the Macarena, how does
                                    that grab ya? Don't even think about giving up 
                                    the day job. The four weekly tabloid showcasing 
                                    the fantastic, the creepy and the downright 
                                    scandalous reportage of how the shadow 
                                    government is betraying and keeping secrets, 
                                    the hidden agendas foxing the very echelons 
                                    of the American people, right down the wire."
                                    Frohike had the good grace to look sheepish.
                                    Langly giggled,  "Did he just say 'Foxing'?"
                                    Scully and her mom both mouthed, "Demerol," 
                                    in unison before everyone's attention was suddenly 
                                    diverted by the sight of Skinner's bald head going 
                                    past the back window in hot pursuit of something
                                    ... or someone. 
                                    "What the..."
                                    "Hey he caught a live one." Frohike suddenly 
                                    guffawed as he watched the burley AD seize 
                                    and frogmarch a reporter around the side of 
                                    the house and out of view. 
                                    "I'll make some coffee for everyone shall I?" 
                                    Maggie enthused. 
                                    "Juice for Mulder, Mom. He can't have caffeine, " 
                                    Scully cut in before Mulder had a chance to 
                                    protest. He rolled his eyes and sucked in a 
                                    deep breath, then hiccupped. "Besides, he 
                                    may need more surgery. "
                                    Great just great!!!! My day is complete, he thought. 
                                    Kill me now.
                                    There was a commotion outside the house, just then. 
                                    "Anymore of those creeps skulking around the 
                                    back yard? "  As if on cue, the paramedics 
                                    took that moment to show up and looked 
                                    slightly put out at Mulder's comments. 
                                    They barrelled in with a gurney and a familiar 
                                    bag of torture devices that even in his doped 
                                    up state made Mulder cringe. 
                                    Everyone seemed to loiter like spare pork pies 
                                    at a bar mitzvah as the medics lifted Mulder up 
                                    and attempted to get him on the gurney. He was 
                                    wobblier than a newborn colt. 
                                    With Scully's help and the LGMs encouragement, 
                                    their efforts punctuated with open sniggering once 
                                    they saw what he was sporting under the blanket, 
                                    they eventually got the hapless Mulder loaded into
                                    the ambulance. But to add insult to injury, his 
                                    blanket slipped away just as a reporter popped
                                    up and snapped picture of him in all his silken 
                                    "What the f...."
                                    Scully immediately sprung into action and 
                                    wrestled the guy to the ground, trying to 
                                    prize the camera away and the possibility
                                    of his boxer clad ass making the tabloids 
                                    later that day. She got in two good sucker 
                                    punches before she held her prize aloft 
                                    with glee.  
                                    "Hahahhhh!! Got it,"
                                    "I'll deal with this' Skinner groused as he hauled 
                                    the dazed guy off to his FBI issue Taurus. "Not 
                                    had my workout today and it makes me real 
                                    cranky. Thanks for the decaf Mrs Scully." 
                                    "My pleasure Mr Skinner." Maggie gave him a 
                                    little wave as she turned back to the ambulance 
                                    and patted Mulder's hand.
                                    "She always used to fight like that with her 
                                    brothers." Mulder nodded and grinned 
                                    goofily at the image, his vision of Maggie 
                                    swaying a bit, wondering why he could now 
                                    see two of her. "Never stood a chance."
                                    "Where's  Sculleeee?"
                                    Soon a flustered but triumphant Scully was 
                                    back at Mulder's side in loving attentiveness. 
                                    But for Mulder, the day's events had been all 
                                    too much and he finally let the good drugs 
                                    render him soundly and blissfully unconscious.
                                    Washington DC
                                    5pm 13th February.  
                                    "Look Scully, Trifids." Mulder slurred 
                                    through a drugged haze, snuggled up against 
                                    his partner as she curled up next to him on the 
                                    bed. She was carding her fingers through his 
                                    hair and it felt like Nirvana. There were bright 
                                    floral displays everywhere, of more multi 
                                    colored type of flowers than he could ever 
                                    name.  Heart shaped helium balloons drifted 
                                    in the room's air conditioning. Martha Stewart 
                                    would have had multiple orgasms.
                                    "Orchids Mulder, beautiful Orchids and Lilies."
                                    "Zats nice. D'you buy em for me?" he gazed 
                                    around the room which was teeming with all
                                    kinds of flowers. "Looks like a funeral home. 
                                    Did I die? " 
                                    Scully giggled and kissed him on the lips, 
                                    mindful of his sore nose which was now 
                                    sporting two plugs of cotton wool, one 
                                    up each nostril.  "No um...no they were a 
                                    gift from a Mr. Marucci."
                                    "I'll let him introduce himself."  She crawled 
                                    off the bed and went to the door, opening it. 
                                    "You up to a visitor Mulder?"
                                    "Shit not Consortium?"
                                    "Hell no." She said rolling her eyes. "It's 
                                    okay, Mr Marucci, you can come in now."
                                    A small rotund man, Mediterranean looking, 
                                    with a huge winning smile that lit up his 
                                    brown eyes and a thick moustache under 
                                    his nose cautiously entered the room. He 
                                    took off his hat and held it to his ample 
                                    belly as he smiled at the agents.
                                    "Have we met before?"  Mulder's mind 
                                    suddenly trawled through all the perps from 
                                    VSU still at large that might be out to get him.  
                                    The way his luck had gone these last few 
                                    days, the guy probably had a violin case 
                                    concealed somewhere.
                                    "In a way.." he started.....looking to Scully
                                    for help as Mulder stared at him with 
                                    profiler eyes.  
                                    "Mulder...behave.... it's okay. " his partner 
                                    scolded sitting back by his side and taking 
                                    his hand.  "This is Mr. Marucci, Mr. 
                                    Valentino Marucci ......of Marucci's Secret 
                                    Garden florist's."  
                                    Mulder's mouth opened and closed as 
                                    realisation dawned "...UHOH"   He gave a 
                                    Scully a sheepish look and then looked at 
                                    their visitor as he also nodded, grinning.  
                                    "I creamed your van!!  Jeez ....I'm sorry 
                                    ..er...I um never saw it till I hit it ...but 
                                    umm. sorry."
                                    "Is okay Mr Mulder. You did Valentino 
                                    great favor.  The van was not great, no?  
                                    Much problems with engine. Si."
                                    "You mean you don't want to sue my 
                                    Scully laughed shaking her head.
                                    "I think what Mr Marucci is saying is 
                                    that because his van broke your fall 
                                    and it was written off, not only did 
                                    it save your life, but it enabled him 
                                    to get enough on the insurance 
                                    payout for a brand new van. "
                                    "Son of a bitch!"
                                    "Yes, Mr Mulder, van was big 
                                    "Oh my God.... Scully....jeez I 
                                    would have been killed but for 
                                    that van. I should be thanking you
                                    Mr Marucci."  Scully squeezed his
                                    hand, suddenly tearful with emotion 
                                    and she nodded. 
                                    "Si.. Is good all round, no? Ahhh...
                                    bueno...You have a great love, no?"  
                                    She nodded fervently as Mulder 
                                    hugged her closer.
                                    "Mulder..." Mulder stared at her as two 
                                    tears slipped down her face suddenly. He 
                                    caught one with a finger as she continued, 
                                    not taking his eyes off her.  "Mulder, 
                                    Valentino here, he wants to give us a gift
                                    for helping with ...his problem...to thanks 
                                    us. A year's supply of fresh flowers. Isn't 
                                    that wonderful?"
                                    "Oh my god...really?  Scully that's great."
                                    "You like?"
                                    "Thank you so much. It's an extremely 
                                    kind gesture...We like, Mr Marucci, " 
                                    Mulder said, and gestured to shake
                                    the man's hand, Scully now crying in 
                                    earnest. He gave his partner a long 
                                    lingering kiss. " We like!"
                                    Scully and Mulder Duplex
                                    February 14th 9pm
                                    Mulder had been allowed home after 
                                    another battery of tests and prodding, 
                                    much to his chagrin. Eventually they 
                                    had patched him up and declared him 
                                    fit to go home and enjoy St. Valentine's 
                                    day with his adoring partner, who on
                                    reaching home showed she was not 
                                    about to let a lover with his leg in 
                                    plaster get in the way of their 
                                    Sex was a little tricky but with a lot of 
                                    giggling, fumbling and some thoughtful ledger 
                                    domain, they had consummated their love over
                                    several bliss filled hours.
                                    Until there was a knock at the door.  
                                    Scully groaned, while Mulder let a smile curl 
                                    across his lips. One eye open.  "Who the 
                                    hell could that be... If that's Mom come back 
                                    for her casserole dish....?"
                                    Scully was draped over Mulder's bare chest
                                    at the time, snuggled in like a baby cat 
                                    as he dozed lightly from all the aerobics 
                                    of the day.  
                                    "Not your Mom, Scully," Mulder purred 
                                    sleepily into the nape of her neck as he 
                                    nibbled the skin there.
                                    "Then who....."    She lifted her head from 
                                    his chest, halting the path of his kisses, 
                                    staring into his eyes as they twinkled 
                                    with amusement and mischief.
                                    From below stairs came some muffled 
                                    swearing and then the sound of a key turning 
                                    in the lock.
                                    "Hellooo.....Lone Gunmen's Romantic 
                                    Cuisine service.....Anyone home?"
                                    "Are you naked?"  Came Langley's
                                    unmistakable snorting.
                                    "Shurrup you ass."  Followed by the sound 
                                    of a hand making contact with something 
                                    hard and organic. 
                                    "Er hello....," came the third, more unassuming 
                                    voice, followed by a waft of truly delicious 
                                    smells drifting up the stairs to the bedroom.
                                    Scully stared open mouthed at her partner 
                                    who was now doubled up with laughter, 
                                    trying to hold his sore nose and keep 
                                    Scully on the bed at the same time.
                                    "Oh Mulder you didn't?"
                                    "I did...they um.... insisted.  Happy 
                                    Valentine's Scully. Love you."
                                    "Oh Mulder....."  
                                    Suddenly the smells started making her hungry. 
                                    It did smell delicious. 
                                    "I know how hungry you get after playing 
                                    hide the salami Scully..." he whispered as 
                                    he lapped delicately at the shell of her left 
                                    ear. "And Fro has a little known talent 
                                    despite his resemblance to a garden ornament 
                                    in short pants, in as much that he holds a 
                                    degree in advanced cuisine sciences from 
                                    one of the top colleges in the country."
                                    "Uhuh and then some Scully."
                                    "Smells good."
                                    "Umm so do you...C'mon....I'm starved and it's 
                                    going to take a while to get downstairs." 
                                    The meal was delicious as Mulder had 
                                    promised and the LGM had done themselves 
                                    proud. Frohike was a master chef after all, and 
                                    Langly and Byers had been excellent 
                                    hosts, serving and making sure the two 
                                    love struck agents had the best romantic 
                                    evening ever. 
                                    Mulder had felt kind of sad, despite his partner's 
                                    delight over the gift of such beautiful flowers 
                                    from Mr. Marucci. Although romantic, they 
                                    were not really from him and he felt the need, 
                                    after all he'd put Scully through, for all her 
                                    unconditional acceptance him and loving him 
                                    as she did, that he decided to arrange something 
                                    special himself with help of his friends. A night 
                                    to remember from his heart. 
                                    "That was a beautiful meal, Mulder....guys. 
                                    Thank you. Thank you so much."
                                    "It was Mulder that made all the 
                                    arrangements, dear lady...I just ... Only 
                                    but the best for you two love birds. You
                                     take care. We'll be off now...give you 
                                    some privacy. 
                                    Langly grinned goofily but it faded a little when
                                     Byers' foot found its way to his shin.
                                    They said their goodbyes, Fro kissing Scully's 
                                    hand as he doffed his cap, and they all 
                                    filed out of the door. 
                                    They were finally alone.
                                    "I love you Agent Scully. "
                                    "I love you Agent Mulder." They held each 
                                    other for what seemed like an age as the 
                                    candles burned and they danced to imaginary 
                                    music of their hearts, despite Mulder 
                                    having to balance with one crutch. 
                                    The flowers around them seemed to blossom 
                                    more as they swayed, but they were 
                                    oblivious to everything but their love for 
                                    each other. Scully touched the silver filigree 
                                    butterfly pendant that Mulder had given her 
                                    earlier. Their lips met and the world 
                                    faded away.... 
                                    In a wooded glade in a distant place, a 
                                    solitary figure admired his beautiful multi 
                                    hued garden while he flexed his white 
                                    feathered wings.......  He caught a silvery 
                                    butterfly on his finger as it fluttered past. 
                                    Whispered Italian words drifted on the 
                                    fragrant air....
                                    Our work is done for another year. Keep 
                                    them safe. 
                                    Keep them in love, for they have the greatest 
                                    of loves that I have ever seen.
                                    The end.
                                    Home Alone dedication. 
                                    Dedicated to inspired lovers everywhere. 
                                    And especially to
                                    Kat and Ady  for being MR's first officail 
                                    Love birds. 3 Years and counting!!!
                                    To Debbie,  because love never dies and 
                                    that special someone you miss will always 
                                    be waiting in that garden for you.  
                                    To LInda, my partner in MT(One of many ) 
                                    and specail thanks for the name idea!!:)
                                    And Isabel, for your friendship and courage. 
                                    David and Tea  For the contunued joy you bring
                                     through your work and the way you love each
                                     other. That's an inspiration in itsself. 
                                    To M&S who without I would not have 
                                    written this story. Most romantic couple 
                                    in fanfic CC was never responsible for
                                    And most of all, to my own Valentine, 
                                    Keith -- it's a date at Beltane.