WIP: Truth's Range of Motion Chapter 1


This WIP will hopefully be updated every week although at the moment I'm not sure how many parts there will be. Its going to be a long one folks. MT/MSR A X M/S/SK friendship. Look back for regular updates.

NC17 adult situations ,graphic MT etc... Under 18's or those easily squicked by a little goryness please read something less likely to disturb your equalibrium !!!!!!

TITLE: Range of Motion (WIP)     
spelling and other stuff my fault. )
RATING: NC`17(language, violence, adult themes - see content warning)
CLASSIFICATION: MSR/MT HC  X A  some MYTHARC (NOROMOS run for the hills you wont like it) Doggett/Reyes free
DATE: /October 2002
SPOILERS: Anything is fair game set around sth season,
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Range of Motion    Part 1 X Files MT/MSR

Underneath your dream lit eyes, shades of sleep have driven you away,The moon is High outside and you are far from here.
Breathing shifts your careless head ,Untroubled by the chaos of our lives,Another day , another night has taken you away my dear.

Last night as you were lying in my arms and I wondering where you were,You know you looked just like a baby, fast asleep in this dangerous world.
And all the stars were shining brightly, just like a million years before,And we were feeling very small ,underneath the universe.

You know that I'm going to be the one, who'll be there,When you need someone to depend upon.

WHEN TOMORROW COMES.....  Lennox/Stewart©

Ice blue eyes locked on deep brown ,a subliminal quiver passing over their features like a ghost of something they couldn't yet grasp.Their breath duelling like frigid dragons against the eeriness of a night pregnant with snow.The moon in full phase,casting a haze around the orange of the street lamps. Silently the flakes fell in some ethereal slow motion dance. Twisting, swirling. A tingle in the air, as tangible as breathing. The dragons swirling faster now and dissipating as fast as they formed.

She turned,darkening her ice gaze into the night,her dragons following the glare of her gaze. Feather flakes falling on eyelashes, melting into the flame of her hair. A warm presence on her arm had her turning back to him. Lips parted in a silent "O". Anxiety met anxiety.  Pinched nose,jaw slack with unease that she felt before he did. She might never feel warm again.

Silent, too silent, her stomach skittered uncomfortably as she looked away again at the inky wet blackness of the deserted street. Arms swung wildly in forward momentum,ice pulsing in her veins, eyes on fire, She started running a good three heart beats before the salvo of gunfire richochetted off glass and brick like hell thunder and fractured the night.



42 Hegal Place: November 1st  18 Hours earlier.

          "Your not thinking of actually doing this are you, Mulder?"

Tender green eyes met with blue. His eyes were the windows to his gentle heart,Open for her to see only.

      " I have to, Scully.  It's the only real chance we have of getting Bartoc to release the girl unharmed. The phone call was digital but I know it was him. He said specifically that I was to be alone, or no deal.No wires and I wasn't to be armed.She would be dead tomorrow night at 11pm."

Scully signed heavily. Her partner was adamant. The grim line of determination made his bottom lip stick out further than usual.He slid a CD into his music centre, and then stopped, looking pointedly at her.Scully closed the distance between them,emotion crackled around their bodies like a presence.

   "Its suicide,Mulder. There's no guarantee that he will release her unharmed. Think about it. Why you? Why alone, it feels wrong, like it's staged. God Mulder,How do you know he isn't playing with your head? Its almost as if he planned this to impress just you. An eight-year-old girl who couldn't match your sister's description better if she tried. He is toying with you Mulder." Scully took a deep breath and glared at him as if that would get her point across, at the same time trying to keep the fear and spidery fingers of dread from invading her voice.

 He thumbed the power switch on the CD player and let his head droop to his chest. The pain that creased his facial muscles ran deep and met the blaze in his eyes.

     " She's a child, Scully, just a little girl with her whole life ahead of her. Little girl dreams and wonders. I must try for her, how can I not do this?" He looked down at his partner's tiny hand that suddenly warmed his ice cold ones and bit his bottom lip. The uncried tears that Scully harboured in her blue depths almost stilled his heart. He couldn't tell her that he had his own misgivings about this whole shitty situation but the pull was too strong.
It wasn't about Samantha, not really. His inner voice sang out but his heart was slow to follow. Whether personal feelings came into this or not it attacked his heart almost so he couldn't breathe. An innocent child needed his help. He couldn't not do this. So Bartoc knew which buttons to press, it might just be coincidence.Scully didn't think so and she was usually right. Woman's intuition and all that shit. He couldn't let this lie. If it meant he was in danger,hell that's what Uncle Sam paid him for, wasn't it. 
Protect and serve. He had to.
Tamara Cohen had a chance to be reunited with her loving family, he had to try and make that a reality. He was FBI,both he and Scully knew danger came with the job description. This mad bastard had,had her for 7 days already and he'd been taunting Mulder by phone at least twice a day ever since.

     "I'm doing this,Scully," His face broke out in an unexpected grin and he waggled his eyebrows as he leered. "I'll be wearing state of the art Kevlar".
Scully squeezed his hand. Her eyes bore deeply into his.

      " .. As sexy as I find that Mulder, its not always enough. This is so risky and you damn well know it. I admire your tenacity in wanting to rescue this little girl,I'm worried about her too. but I don't want you killed either. Let us be nearby with backup. We can hang back,keep out of sight but be near enough to come to your aid should you need it. Get a SWAT team in place to cover you. Skinner will insist anyway. You know that,Mulder. " 
He pulled her into his arms and she laid her head against his chest. Warm and strong. Scully breathed him in. Unique Muldersmell and Musk.
The strong thumping of his heart soothed her as his arms slid over her back,his fingers dancing erotically, making little circles that made her breath come out with a sigh. 
Her fingers dug into his shirt as he held her tighter. His eyes closed." Ok" he whispered into her hair. He flipped the play button on the Cd and they both began to sway to Aretha Franklin .

"..Shuusssshhh" he breathed into her neck, his dark eyelashes crescent smudges on his cheeks as he closed out all but her unique scent,and breath, her lips as they brushed his with fire.

The phone blared through the haunting track, breaking the spell that enveloped them.A simple everyday sound that managed to make both their
hearts race triple time and increased that inexplicable sense of fear Scully felt with every ounce of her being, ten fold.

 Hegal Place  3.47 am. November 2nd
 9 hours before.

Stirring,her eyelids flickered once, twice, light evaded her at first.Gloom and dread pervaded instead. Each breath was time running away.

Silence could be a deafening entity in the bone chill of a November morning.The more you tried to push your consciousness through that invisible ominous wall, the more white noise invaded every cell, every molecule in your body,pulling it up from the murky depths of night terrors and dreams like a cat stalking its prey,sharply expellingthe fearful paralysis of twighlight,awakening at a rate slower than the rest of the body's senses could catch up. The reality of the day and what they would do jolted her the rest of the way into dawn's light.Something turned over inside her painfully.

A groan escaped her lips. Something icy and sharp clawed deep inside her.Everything but her mind was so still.

Through partially drawn curtains ,small shards of moonlight bled golden streaks across the room as it mingled with the orange of still bright street lamps,casting an accusatory glare on everything around her.The wind was howling like some dark poisoned fanged beast,something that she could never name yet Mulder, with his usual verve would love to pursue,no doubt. She shivered under the Navajo blanket. No earthly creature would be out at this time. In this!

Her eyes peered out across the room from beneath the fleece material,settling on everything briefly. Shapes strange and disorientating in the dark. Not her apartment.

Mulder's .

Several beer bottles and an assortment of empty chinese food cartons littered the coffee table and gave a clear pointer to why she had ended up staying.Then she remembered the flat battery in the car. She would have to get the blasted
thing fixed or replaced since the charge was no longer holding.
Ever gallant, Mulder had refused to let her get a taxi home in such arctic weather; but then maybe they both needed the company last night. A reason neither wanted to voice. His eyes pleaded, said all he needed without any verbalisation.
He told cheesy jokes, he danced,he laughed with her, he invaded her mouth,held her close,closer still ,traded racing hearts...

 ...he ripped the phone from the wall after it had invaded their safe microcosm one more time.

 She was here, she stayed and melted into his bare chest like she never wanted to come out again, letting her troubled thoughts evaporate while she drowned in the warmth of his racing heartbeat.

The street outside was oddly quiet even for this hour, as if the whole world had been spirited away by some dark force. The orange glow beyond the curtains set fire to icy droplets formed on the windows making them look like bright jewels.The fish tank hummed,the fridge made a noise like Mulder's abused stomach after a long profile case where he'd forgotten to eat, and the falling snow outside tinkled against the glass as it was blown into tiny drifts peppering the windows.

Warmth was all around her,and beneath her, everywhere but inside her.Rivulets of ice invaded where warm blood should have flowed through her veins.She snuggled deeper into the source of warmth beneath her,hoping for an early thaw .

The sofa beneath her had taken on organic form that now shifted and grunted and felt like a blast furnace. Scully loved this old couch but there was barely room for aerobics with two people lying atop it. Mulder whimpered liked a fractious toddler and rolled over taking Scully with him and slapping a firm arm around her waist and holding on like a boa constrictor.
The Navajo fell to the floor letting the freezing air of the room blast their bare skin. Scully's warm mattress blinked and opened his eyes. They were bleary and unfocused.She extricated herself from his grip,his sweaty skin tearing from her like Velcro, as Scully swung her legs over the side and sat up from his body.Missing the warmth, Mulder, chewed his lower lip as he rolled onto his back again, flinging one arm behind his head .

..And there he was,her honey painted Adonis with pillow hair, goofy grin and two days growth of beard!!

He took her breath away, every inch ,cherished and loved. How could she have lived without this so long. The area around her eyes felt suddenly moist.Her fingers strayed to an errant lock of hair across his eyes,fingers softly touching his cheek as she moved her hand away again.

" Hi, Scully? " he smirked, "I do believe you came onto me last night and I wasn't awake enough to enjoy it"

 "For some reason , I don't think either of us were in a fit state to take full advantage of it ," she indicated the coffee table and its telltale contents as she lifted the blanked back over Mulder's still grinning form.Her mouth tasted like the bottom of a Parrot's cage , she thought sleepily as she tucked the blanket around his waist. "Where did you get that nasty beer, Mulder? Not something Frohike and the boys knocked off or fermented themselves was it? " Scully grimaced remembering the rather suspect taste.

"Its from Belgium " he sighed stroking her thigh, fingers lazily crawling higher. Tickling and making figure 8's on her hip.

"Oh really" As if that explained everything." I only had 3 bottles of it and I have the fuzziest head I've ever had, well at least since Ron and Nancy occupied that big house down Pennsylvania avenue, "  She threw back
lightly as her eyes scanned the room for the wash bag she put down somewhere the night before. Her toothbrush and paste were number 1 priority. She tried not to think about the delicious sensations her overtly playful partner was currently creating.

" You didn't like it Scully? Jeez ,I have another 3 crates in the kitchen closet." He informed her with mock dismay.

"Guess I know what to give your dear brother for his Christmas stocking!" He looked at her heavy lidded ,almost daring her to stop his fingers from wandering higher up her thigh. Evil leer all over his face. He might not have been fully awake but parts of him were applauding and open for business already.

"You wouldn't?"

"Wouldn't want it to go to waste, Scully. Besides,A numb nuts like that probably couldn't tell that from gun oil."

Scully stifled a laugh ,slapping lightly at his hand as it travelled as far as it could go without her squealing out loud. Since they had become lovers , Mulder's neighbours had to be copiously supplied with ear plugs, they never once complained. Scully lips suddenly curled in satisfaction at the thought that they probably gave them plenty to complain about,during  numerous noisy sessions of  "Après Travail" at Chez Mulder, last night they probably got a well earned reprieve in comparison with recent months. Either that, or they were just scared stiff of her big bad G man and his bureau issued weapon.  Blue eyes found green as she shot him an amused glance.

" You are so mean this early in the morning. Anyone ever tell you that? Behave Mulder. I need to go get my teeth sandblasted before they choke me." She stifled a laugh at the thought of Bill picked on Mulder's Devil's spawn