Truth's Range of motion: Chapter two.


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  Range of Motion   part two

  A little while later 4.47 Am

  "Coffee's ready."  Scully murmured softly on her way in from the kitchen with a tray. She watched Mulder stand at the window, his back to her. He was gripping the window frame; back rigid looking out into the freezing panorama of early dawn, his eyes turned down to the silent street. Every muscle in his back standing out with knotted tension. Setting the steaming coffee on the tray down on the table, she could see his jaw clench with some undefined emotion, as the first swirling snowflakes fell past the glass panes.
It was still only about 5am. Sleep eluded both of them now. No one stirred outside except for the black streak stealthing beween each bin outside the opposite apartment building.  The nocturnal sojourn of a cat, padding its way gingerly through the first inches of snow.

Mulder pressed his forehead to the glass and Scully, beside him now, winced at his expression she could clearly see in his reflection. Small hands sliding around his waist like a warm epithany, she placed her own flushed cheek to his naked back. She was struck just how cold his skin felt, the chill passing like a whisper through her own body. Her arms tightened around his waist. Fingers entwining with his hand she found seeking out her own.  Lips parted by his shoulder blades, barely making contact.

  "Mulder?"  Fathomless chamelon eyes of green and gold met hers as he turned to her, her arms never loosing contact with his waist with the smooth movements he made.  The fake smile he'd plastered on his face on turning, was meant for her benefit, no doubt, but the tightened muscles twitching in his jaw gave away his unease. Since they had become so much closer, he wasn't as good at hiding it from her anymore, as if he ever had been.

  " I love you, Scully."  It was barely a whisper as he breathed it into her hair. For a few seconds he seemed not to be able to breathe. Her lips brushed his gently.

  "I love you too, with everything I have." she whispered and gulped over the sudden rush of emotion she felt. Unable to fathom why she could never say that to him and admit it until recently, when she had felt it forever.

His eyes closed as he hugged her close to his chest, bringing her head down to rest over his heart, where she fit snugly into that soft place ordained as her own and no one else's.  They stayed like that for some time, coffee forgotten as he tried to crush her to him as tightly as he could without hurting, so hard she almost believed she would merge with him, become part of his living skin. To breathe together as one entity. Trembling hand against her hair as the wind outside howled now, threading its long fingers of dread, tearing into their safe haven and licking at their bodies with a thousand icy shards.

Neither of them wanted to move, to break the spell of warmth and love they created. His fingers dug deep in her hair. Scully let herself disappear into his heart as each frantic beat offered her sanctuary.
The sound and feel of it racing against her cheek swam over her like melted butter, his breath on her neck as soft and subliminal as a butterfly wing. Together they were stronger, invincible. Love naked and consuming, not wavering, the moment not lost on her or him, as they reached a new level of communion, of understanding and sense of fragile peace. A moment in space. Trapped in the amber of breathless time.

Sleeplessness finally gave way to a more passionate urgency and the bedroom beckoned. Turning their back on the bleak dawn outside, they sought the haven of warm limbs, lips, fingers and soft sheets. Sighing, trading breath and trying to prolong the night from the daybreak reality they knew they couldn't hold back forever.  The coffee soon became as cold and forsaken as the weather